Sure, right after all the Confederate pride parades and other such celebrations are also cancelled.
This sentiment makes no sense at all.
Out of respect for my swollen big toe, which I jammed in the doorway last night, please cancel Pride celebrations.
Not even comparable.

Pride parades celebrate gays' right to exist.

To the topic, I don't see how being gay and being black is be mutually exclusive, how they are incompatible.
Black churches have been spewing anti-gay sentiment for years. They need to clean up their own house firrst.
We cannot stand by silently? I agree. Would a better solution not be creating a message of support and solidarity? A sign or symbol to carry? A moment of silence? Canceling pride so we can all quietly sit alone in our homes alone does nothing to help.

Pride fest were created to challenge the societal norm we can only hide away from hatred by being alone in our closets.
What a fucking shithead
The first thing I thought of when reading excerpts from that manifesto was some of the trolls here on Slog. "How come all these black on white crimes are bring ignooooored!?!?!" Wonder if one of them was that psycho.
Cancel Pride?

Just the opposite. Part of the point of Pride parades is to celebrate diversity, in particular LGBT diversity. Put it out in the open, not hide it in the closet. Going back in the closet to show solidarity toward African-Americans seems like a wrongheaded idea. It just feeds into the white heteronormative narrative that Tony Perkins and his ilk have been spewing for decades.

Gay lives matter. Black lives matter. Celebrate all at Pride.
Less Freedom is always the solution of some.

Burn a Confederate Flag today, in honor of Flag Day
What's the difference between the Confederate flag and the swastika?
I agree, and look forward to someone showing exactly how Seattle Pride has or will demonstrate solidarity with Black Lives Matter next weekend.
@10: Flag day was June 14.
Oh, did you mean the equinox? Our summer is now official!
@12: What exactly would you suggest? Are there any marching groups that would be appropriate to carry such a banner?
Sarah Vowell, in The Partly Cloudy Patriot, says those who remember the surrender of Vicksburg to Grant are, mostly, "a handful of sore losers who whine when they're asked to take the stars and bars off their godforsaken state flags."

The next time I hear a bigot protest when that label's applied to them, my response will be, "What do you prefer, then? 'Sore loser'?"
What's with the fetus feet anyway? Is it a pro-lifer thing?
?!? so does that mean we can only deal with one set of outrages at a time? Bullshit. LGBT should go ahead and also acknowledge that the struggle against discrimination has to take many forms and but we are all fighting the same enemy. We are, or should be, allies in the fight against bigotry and hatred of all kinds.
@15 How about a Black Lives Matter contingent?

We'll see the broader context in Kshama Sawant's presence.
@19, "bigotry and hatred of all kinds." Yes. It's all the same thing.
@20: Are they currently not welcome to march? Why not organize it? Or is it one of those "I'm an ideas person..." sort of complaints.
@5: This is how the trolls win. Bridge dwellers attempting to push everyone against each other.
Not necessarily the comment, but the right wing attempting to conflate essential homophobia with the black community and any institutions.
@22 The onus is on the organizers of Seattle Pride to choose which issues they will put front and center. Dan acknowledges this in this post.
A Christian anti-gay white supremacist murdered a group of African American Christians in a church which is on record as opposing equal rights for LGBT people.

The congregants' murder was horrible, but how do Gay Pride celebrations have anything to do with this? How foolish.
After blindly posting elsewhere about this. I'll try again.
How could this achieve anything?
People who kill other people, they just stick reasons on their feelings.
Blacks, gays,trans*people, uppity girls who won't date me.
And all those meatheads who just spurt the words yet don't kill whole humans- it's their plan.
To stop others living, celebrating, loving- cause they don't want to be reminded what is absent from their lives.
Those who preach hatred and fear of difference, like Mr BB did, like haters all over do, they are the ones who need to put themselves in closets. They feed these disturbed minds.
We should double the pride parade. After all how many rainbow flags did the AME in Charleston have flying?

However strange the letter writer may be, or however normal, the idea of shutting down a civil-rights event because of a civil-rights outrage on the opposite side of the country is just daft.
What is your favorite mass shotting so far this year? Take the poll.…
Ten people were just shot at a block party in Philadelphia.…

Another ten people were just shot at a child's birthday party in Detroit. No witnesses are cooperating.…

Would you cancel a parade for these tragedies?

#15: Earlier today, I marched in the Denver Pride Parade with my church group, which is a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Besides our rainbow-themed church banner, we carried our Black Lives Matter banner, which for the past couple months has been hanging on the exterior south wall of our church.

If you want to find a group that might appropriately carry such a banner, check out for UU churches in your area - I would be shocked if they were not participants is Seattle Pride or other local Pride parades. Another very liberal group of churches are the United Church of Christ group. Check for churches your area. One of these churches may already be involved in both Pride and Black Lives Matter.
I don't speak for all strait white males (we're a surprisingly diverse lot), but my views on the LGTB community has a certain similarity to my views on black culture that drive me to fucking way should you cancel the pride parade!
Gay and black cultures (from my outsiders point of view) share a knack for festivity that is as much of an act of defiance against oppression as it is an act of celebration.
Of course I know pride wont be cancelled. But still worth opposing any suggestion that you call your party off.
Aaaand #30 steps in to prove my point.

A black baby shot in the neck. Men opening fire indiscriminately on a birthday party. How terrible for them that after that people like you pretend they don't exist.
@34: Fuck off. You don't have a point - no one here is suggesting canceling Pride because of any tragedy, and the existence of black-on-white crime or black-on-black crime does absolutely nothing to prove that racism does not exist, any more than the existence of snowballs proves that global warming does not exist.
One of the ways a hated minority group amplifies its voice is by making common cause with another hated minority group. Recently, LGBTQ groups have joined forces with immigrant rights groups. With a little good will each group comes to see the humanity in each other as they work to make things better for each group. The same can happen if LGBTQ groups work with Black Lives Matter groups.
@31: "If you want to find a group that might appropriately carry such a banner, check out for UU churches in your area - I would be shocked if they were not participants is Seattle Pride or other local Pride parades."

I believe they are in the Seattle Pride parade.
@34, "people like you pretend they don't exist."

Nobody's "pretending" anything. We are the reality-based people. Well-grounded in the social sciences...knowing for a fact that, biologically, we are all the same on the inside. Trying to help others in some small ways.

Your effort to get me to reject what I know to be true is crazy-making! Yes, I do take this personally, even though I am cis, straight and quite white. People trying to change the focus about this are on the side of the bigots. There I said it. Prove me wrong.

Someday, SOMEDAY the onus will be on the bigots and assholes.
June in Chicago. a homicide every 14.4hrs & a shooting every 2.5hrs, the month is pacing towards 50 homicides & 285 shot.

Just another month in Chicago except there you can't blame flags or every white person who lives in the South. Has Obama, Hillary, or Sharpton made a statement?

Geez. There are enough soap boxes for everyone folks! However, I yearn for the day when LGBT rights are so ubiquitous it would have the same yawn-breaking effect as 'Heterosexual Day'.

But sadly, that day will never come. As much as it torpedoes my life long suspicion that total acceptance of a sexual minorities is guaranteed for humankind forevermore - that will never be the case given the internet minority status of homosexuality, transgenderism, and other variations of the human condition.

This is the kind of "backstage" bitching that really turns me off.

So no, it its the epitome of arrogance for one oppressed minority (blacks) to ask another oppressed minority (LBGT) to politely step aside so that the political spotlight can be fine tuned to their advantage (or anyone else's advantage, for that matter).
I normally let typos slide - but in the second paragraph "suspicion" should be supposition, and "internet" should be inherent. Sorry.
I have a guess as to how gestures of solidarity of various levels will play out, but I defer to Mr Rhone on that score.

Are they really fetus feet - is that an established thing, or just Mr Savage's interpretation? (I don't think they're the same as the feet that were the logo of that company - Hang Ten? - and might have gotten picked up by some groups.) If so, that seems rather pro-life.

I'm not sure, but I think a bunch of Prides have just assimilated themselves out of existence around here, though I suppose Boston and New York will keep going. I'd say the time to give it up is when it's no longer majority SS, though I can see the point at setting the bar at different points between there and full assimilation.
@44: "I think targeted ass-kickings are a moral high ground. "

Oh boy, anorher bowl cut serial killer in training.
Pride marches may not be around in 20 or 30 years, but, uh, I wouldn't cancel it presently.
Bring on the Black Lives Matter banner, and march on.

Black gay people, lesbian people, trans* people, and queer people matter. The problems they face matter. The higher rate of HIV infection in black LGBT people compared to white LGBT people matters. The higher incidence of murder against black trans* people compared to white trans* people matters. The fact that these people, who are just as deserving of any of get shit on more than us, matters.

This isn't co-opting Pride. It's those of us who can spreading our wings around the ones among us who really, really need it right now.
.i wouldn't mind puttin seafair on hold for a minute..
Re: Fetus Feet.

I don't think those are fetus feet. Is fetus feet even a thing? That looks a lot like all the old "hang ten" feet back in the 1970s to me. If it has been appropriated by the anti-abortion crazies, that is news to me.
Re: Fetus Feet — Apparently a thing.
This is one of the silliest things I've heard in a long, long time.
@51 - Ewwww... The description on the men's t-shirt - "Loving Me Some Babies". Yeah, that's not problematic at all. Blech.
Pride should definitely march. Black lives matter, LGBTQ lives matter.
This is the textbook definition of concern trolling right here.
#48: Thanks and Amen.

#45: A little acknowledgement that another group has big trouble is not going to turn Pridefest into Bland AssimilationFest. Please don't worry. Go to your Pridefest and have fun instead.
@51, eesh. I stand corrected. Apparently fetus-feet IS a thing. And sadly for us olds, it is very reminiscent of the old hang-ten feet, which was a marketing thing for surf wear.

Hang ten feet were a whole lot more fun than fetus feet.
@41: So then you're in favor of giving reparations to those living on Chicago's south and west sides as Ta-Nehisi Coates suggested as the best way to help stop that violence, right?…

Great! Unfortunately you're too late to sign the petition supporting John Conyer's HB 40 for a congressional committee to discuss reparations (as I and probably many other Sloggers did) but you can still write your Congressperson and ask that they support it!
@41: I hate to break it to you, but The Windy City has only the 13th-highest murder rate among American cities of 250k citizens or more. New Orleans, deep in the heart of the South, has roughly three times the murder rate of Chicago, and yet you're not talking about it. Just ignore the fact that of the seven states with the highest murder rate, five (including the three worst) are in the South. Oops, I just brought some facts in that don't line up with your ignorant racist opinions. Sorry to spoil your fun.
@48: Like you said, bring it on!
"Equal rights and justice" is not a pie, in which one slice is diminished when another is enlarged.
Right. Equality is not a zero sum game.
It's a shame Pride celebrations can't be postponed until the first of July, because this is going to happen, and there will be so much more to celebrate.
When are we going to have Straight Pride Parades, and White Hertiage Events. After all, we are supposed to have "Equal Rights.
@65: They're called "every other goddamn parade you've ever seen", you ignorant, racist jackass.
@65: Your Stormfront buddies throw them all the time.

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