In 2015.
So only Seattle based Amazon is getting rich selling Confederate items? Even eBay stopped selling them ...
What about the Constitution in Washington DC?

The notorious 3/5ths compromise defining an African-American as less than a full citizen.

Why is it even on display?

Schoolkids see it every day.

Isn't it time to rewrite the Constitution (not just amending, but getting rid of offensive text and images altogether)?

On this date in 1787, the Three-fifths Compromise was enacted. Delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia that year accepted a plan offered by James Madison determining a state’s representation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The issue of how to count slaves split the delegates into two groups. The northerners regarded slaves as property who should receive no representation. Southerners demanded that Blacks be counted with whites. The compromise clearly reflected the strength of the pro-slavery forces at the convention. The “Three-fifths Compromise” allowed a state to count three fifths of each Black person in determining political representation in the House.

Rather than halting or slowing the importation of slaves in the south, slavery had been given a new life — a political life. Even when the law stopped the importing of new slaves in 1808, the south continued to increase its overall political status and electoral votes by adding and breeding slaves illegally. The Three-fifths Compromise would not be challenged again until the Dred Scott case in 1856.…

Amazon announced they have stopped selling it too. Did you research your stuff Charles before posting? Or was this just some weak attempt to slam Amazon?
Nonsense, sir! When Vice President Stephens in his famous 'Cornerstone' Speech moved from the subjects of tariffs and payment for public works to the obvious moral fitness and practical necessity of enslaving Africans, the crowd as one shouted 'No, sir! ---we disagree with you as to slavery, this is all about the Tariff!!!'

And who can ignore the foul Northern troops invading Southern lands singing 'We will bring the ascendancy of manufacturing'?
The clause, being words, can be argued-with rationally, and their consequences reviled as the excrescences they were. An image can only incite emotion, and the image of the Battle Flag used overwhelmingly in recent times to represent rebellion against allowing equal treatment of black people.

Shorter: Noöne waved around copies of the three-fifths clause whilst trying to keep black people out of schools and stores, or while brning crosses.
Racism and an appreciation of one's own culture and circumstance of birth, despite the temerity they may have had to be born with white skin, are not the same thing.

Personally, I feel circumstances of birth should not be a source of pride or shame, but not everyone feels this way, and it does not make them racist by default. Unless of course, everyone who is proud of their race is a racist.
+1 @11
Good Afternoon Charles,
Indeed, I am for removing the Confederate Battle Flag (vs. the first flag of the Confederacy or "stars & bars", see below) from the South Carolina statehouse. The fact that it was a "battle" emblem first still, to me connotes "rebellion" rather than "pride" (Southern, white etc.). I would have agreed to that before the massacre.

I still think it a modest gesture though. When it is taken down and after this news cycle, this incident will be forgotten by most Americans. I will then ask myself "will America's "races" be any more harmonious?". I doubt it. I believe much more needs to be done. Starting with a conversation with say, ideologues of both the Left & Right asking uncomfortable questions. Or getting uncomfortable answers. Demonizing your political foes isn't gonna get dialogue. Nor will just removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the SC statehouse either.…
That's great, slam companies that were doing the wrong thing and decided to change course. I know The Stranger has a hard-on for any criticism they can possibly lob at Amazon, but this is just stupid. Yes, they should probably not have been selling this crap. But must we give them a kick on the way out the door? I sure hope you feel better now.
@14 I'm more than certain none of the stores mentioned are going to cry or change their mind based on some acerbic commentary from slog. Are you supposed to thank someone when they stop punching you in the face?
are they still selling shirts made in china that have the american flag on them?

maybe they can air drop some of those american flag shirts in iraq so all the coming generations of children deformed by depleted uranium have something to wear
"Are you supposed to thank someone when they stop punching you in the face?"

you should always thank cops for serving you knuckle sandwiches
Shit post OP. Shit article Charles. National tragedy, racially motivated, occurs. Companies decide to grow up and stop selling arguably racist shit out of respect, and for the sake of social progress. Charles Mudede some how gets a stick up his ass about it. Because attention. Whats the complaint here dude? They stopped selling racist shit. Good right? Nah, Charles gotta get pissy about it anyway.

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