It's a drone of ju-u-stice!
It's a drone of free-ee-dom!
I'd drone drop love, between, my brothers and my sisters -
all over this la-a-and.

At first I thought this had to be some kind of WorldNet Daily paranoid fantasy. But I guess it's real? Talk about death from the skies. Ha!

Next targets should be Texas and Kansas. But I would worry a bit about Texas for I wouldn't be surprised if it deployed anti-aircraft weapons against the drones.
I have been a proponent of the US government dropping contraceptives of all sorts and instructions on their use on American cities like we drop leaflets and HUMAID packages on the Middle Eastern countries we invade. Let that stuff rain down on all.

Overpopulation is the gravest threat our species faces. That we are doing nothing about it is insane.
Couldn't have said it better myself, Theodore; population control should be the first order of business in regards to global warming.
Why take the flag off first? Huckabee's ass more than ample to cover it, no matter what his present weight.
6 friend married her wife in Germany a decade ago, got German citizenship through her marriage. Later, got a divorce, and just married her new wife last year. Am I missing something? Why fly marriage equality over Germany?
And what would happen if a kid or mentally challenged person consumed one - or did they think of that?
@4: That's a fallacy, higher fertility rates are what we need.
@8 - you sometimes make sense, e.g. your previous comment. But that is just nuts. Remember that the Earth is governed by biology, not economy.
They look like pretty scrawny footballers.
Our Queensland team for state of origin, rugby league footballers- now there's some pretty men in that team with strong bodies.
Is there a drone available to the public that can travel more than 2 or 3 miles? Unless they're coordinating with healthcare providers or activists in Poland, there's really no place of note that distance from the German border. This doesn't seem like a real thing.

As they say; not my circus, not my monkeys.
@8: Re: "That's a fallacy, higher fertility rates are what we need." I can't wait to hear you explain that one. Sounds like someone saw a Hans Rosling video he didn't quite understand.
@8: Slightly elevated fertility rates would be beneficial for some greying developed nations, but the developing world (places like much of sub-Saharan Africa, India, parts of South America) needs to undergo a cultural shift towards fewer children as infant mortality declines and birth control becomes better available. It's better for them and better for the planet.
@13: I bow to venomlash's insight. He does recognize that a mostly elderly society would have its problems. Apparently, correct me if I'm wrong, but a 2.5% fertility rate is quoted as optimal for human civilization. Given the mobility of populations on our planet, a child saved from abortion in the third world has a plausible chance to become an outstanding citizen, even a scientist, who could provide an answer to one of the millions of unknowable unknown dilemas that can solve our problems, including industrial-caused climate change.
Yes, industrial caused climate change. Peoples all over the 3rd world are making tracks for North America or Europe. They come for the standard of living; they don't want to live like it is in the old country. China is rapidly modernizing; soon they will have a similar lifestyle. More and more people using more and more resources. More and more warming.
If we drop Mike Huckabee onto the flagpole in front of the South Carolina state house, we won't need to remove the flag first.
@6 I'm not sure exactly, but there is still no complete marriage equality here in Germany. Maybe regarding adoption etc. Someone who's from around here even told me recently that the German word "Homoehe," while literally meaning "gay marriage" has a meaning closer to civil partnership, i.e. when someone says "Homoehe" it implies a qualitative difference, not total equality with straight marriage like it means in English.
I'm all for abortion rights and all, but I'm a little concerned about dropping abortion-inducing pills onto a country. Like, is this going to be manna-falling-from-Heaven-style? Because I do have some concerns about small Polish children and dogs eating abortion pills off the streets--or really anyone for that matter.
Why am I reminded of the infamous WKRP turkey drop? OMG! Pills can't fly.

Why do some assume that loose pills will be rained down on Poland? Pretty sure they come in packaging. Boxes with dead babies displayed, no doubt. Ask Raindrop.

On second thought, forget Raindrop, who is unaware that fetuses are aborted. Not babies.
Another thought on this matter is what if someone secretly slips this pill into the drink of a pregnant woman. This drop is really not a good idea.

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