You know.. I want to think Sanders will get the nomination and win but then I remember what country I live in. The electorate at large will say they are for all sorts of things and then vote completely against those interests based on who they want to have a beer with.

So just accept the corporate whore candidate who wins in November 2016 and remember: the 1% ALWAYS wins!
Here's what I'd like to see from the Democratic challengers for the presidency: a substantive discussion of the issues and the relative merits and challenges in various solutions, done with respect and a minimum of mudslinging...and then, when the primaries have ended and a nominee has been chosen...a firm, positive and unequivocal backing of that nominee from everyone involved...all so that the Republican candidate doesn't get the chance to nominate the next few Supreme Court justices.

Let the Republican candidates shred themselves in their lust for power and glory.

Yes, this may mean a compromise if a preferred candidate isn't the nominee...but it would go a long way to showing that all politics doesn't need to be a scorched earth policy and that compromise doesn't have to be a mortal sin.
Sanders is doing exactly what he should - pushing Clinton to the left. It's working.

The second she grinds him into the dirt, I'm 100% behind her. Until then, I'm 100% Sanders.
I don't want Sanders to just "push Clinton to the left." If we're still stuck with Clinton after the election she'll just snap right back to her center-right wars-and-corporations bullshit. There's nothing binding about a campaign.
Whoever the D nom they'll be navigating a minefield of pc victim politics that are so important to the base of that party. Looks like Hillary stepped on her first doozy by making the extremely insensitive statement "all lives matter". How horrible of her to say such a thing.…
@5 "all lives matter" has been the callphrase of grumpy white folks tired of hearing about black people problems they don't think exist as-characterized. "No, negro, ALL lives matter, stop making this about you"
Hillary has Beyoncé on her side so game over. Clinton wins!
5 - In the past week we've seen Republicans complain they're bring victimized because people are calling to take down the Confederate flag, claiming the Pride flag is fascist and discriminates against Christians. And I'm not even mentioning their tantrums about the "gotcha media". Or GamerGate. Or hoe every criticism of Sarah Palin is sexist and every criticism of Ben Carson is racist.

Nobody does self serving, whiny victimhood like rich straight white Christian Republicans. Nobody.
It's obvious nobody much likes Hilary. She's hard to like. I dont know the guy you are talking about, and of course a more idealistic person will stir people's hearts. It's politics. It's the person who will be making decisions that effect the whole planet. Jesus. What a line up.
As for 'socialism', American politics runs on the assumption that since twenty aspirin will kill you, two will as well or at least worthless.

There's also this joke about the kid who's afraid of kreplach....
'or at least worthless' —> 'or at least were worthless'
@4: "Nothing Essential Changes". Americans will elect Bobby Jindal before they elect Bernie Sanders.

They's real real scurred.
And #6 proves #5's point beautifully.
if you feel that pretending there is no problem with race in this country because you're an idiot, yes I did.
And progressives will have no choice but to support Hillary if (and i probably should say "when," as she is still way ahead of Saunders). Why? Two words -- Supreme Court. Anyone who would let any of the possible Republican nominees select the nominees who will be needed for some of the older justices within the next term has no right to call themselves a progressive. Hillary in the center is still far more liberal than any other choice. Don't "like" her? Tough. Think of the alternatives!
@8: "Nobody does self serving, whiny victimhood like rich straight white Christian Republicans."

Oh, if only it were limited to the rich. One of the biggest problems in this country is the capacity of poor white Xtian Republicans to be absolutely delusional in their voting and other public policy behavior. You look at the areas that could most benefit from expanded health care and they're the most opposed. The areas that get the most bang for their buck from tax dollars (getting way more back than they pay)? They're the most anti-tax. The areas that would benefit most from unions are rapidly anti-union. It goes on and on. They blame everyone for the cause of their misery (especially other poor people), except for the ones that actually cause it.

It's maddening.
@16: Yup. We call 'em "WalMart Republicans".
I dunno, I'm still holding out hope for a revived John Anderson/ Eugene McCarthy ticket!
Visualize a Sanders (D) vs. Trump (R) matchup in the fall of 2016. Or what @3 said.
@9: By "the guy you're talking about" I assume you mean Sen. Bernie Sanders, and not Lewis Black. Click here for a primer.
Well thanks Knat. Kind of you. Though I did read something of him at the Onion...
They didn't seem too impressed.
Douglas Adams wrote about a planet where the people were ruled by evil lizards that they hated. Every year they would hold an election and the people would debate over which was the least evil lizard to rule them. An alien visitor asked one of them, "Why don't you vote for a human?" The answer was, "Well, if I don't vote for the least evil lizard, the most evil lizard might win." They called this system, "democracy".
America has at most two generations left as a nation. The 1% are hell bent to wring out every drop of profit and burn the rest to the ground before they join their money elsewhere. Regional wars for water, food, energy, etc. will break out between war lords. This cannot be stopped because we have long ago reached the critical mass of stupid. Climate change will soon force it all to a head. The religious stupid, the racist stupid, the I - got - mine - so- fuck-you - stupid, the SeattleBlues stupid. The American Experiment is choking to death on stupid. There's no one to pound on our collective back to dislodge the blockage. So it is what it is. If you are able to flee to a civilized country, do so ASAP. Unless of course you're sitting on your stockpile of guns and gold coins with a hard on to kill people. Then just sit tight and keep burying food and water and diesel around your compound.

Bernie can't save us. We won't let anything save us. We have seen the enemy and he is us.
Yea, when I want Political advice. I go to Sarah and Lewis. Because they are nationally know for their concise political insight. They NEVER joke about politics. Everyone hangs on their word. The fact that THEY'RE backing Sanders means that I'm voting for him too. Hey! why make up my own made when Sarah and Lewis, 2 nationally known political theorist and observers. Can do it for me.
Hey 24! Why use punctuation correctly when you can look like an emotionally imbalanced fool? CAPS AND ALL!
In case you've been hiding under a rock watching a steady stream of Fox News for the past decade, you should know that Millennials trust a comedian delivering their news (Jon Stewart) more than any other major media source. Why? Because unlike 9/10 politicians and pundits, they actually tell the truth.

"In a time of universal deceit -- telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
-Eric Blair (George Orwell)

I suppose since we're all fattened up on (GMO) corn syrup, beef, and dairy, a revolution is just too hard -- so instead, we just find it funny.
Sounds like DS is testing the waters with these ambiguous posts on Bernie.
("Feel the Bernmentum", she said.)
Be cool, don't stare, but DS is firmly in the 1% (he's got his, Jack), and wants to keep fighting for the rights of all the other fun-loving minorities as well.
Proles are such a drag.

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