when my sister moved from an actual city to a small town in Indiana, I asked her "why do you want to do that to your kids?"

this is one of the reasons I asked the question.
Congratulations, Professor Alice!
Not only is "the girl who says 'no' is the girl you want" slut-shaming, it's rapey as fuck. These people can all go play on the freeway.

Also, not to quibble facts, but East Lansing has a population just under 50k and is home to a Big 10 school (MSU). Not what I would call "small town," especially in the context of what the rest of Michigan looks like.
I love it when the righteous side wins a round!
@3--I thought--and posted--the same thing back when the story broke. At least one Slogger thought I was reading too much into the situation. It's nice to know someone agrees with me.
Go Alice! This is amazing news. Thanks for staying in the shitstorm and putting up with the inevitable problems it will bring you.
The good professor is a hero. Progressives win when progressives actually fight back. That kid better appreciate what an awesome Mom he has. As should every kid in East Lansing.
@3: I forgot MSU was there. plus the population of Lansing itself, its a "mid size" city. that makes it even worse.
@3, @8 MSU is a big school with 39,000 undergrads + 11,000 grad students. The Lansing-East Lansing metro area population is somewhat over 500,000. State government is in Lansing. Plenty of professional people in the population mix. So not exactly a rural backwater. I'm surprised it took so long for a progressive parent's complaint to be acted on. Power of social media indeed!
I want a man that says yes. Yes. YES. YES!!!
Awesome. Good for her!
My sex-Ed class 10 years ago was similarly horrific (compared sexually active women to dirty shoes, among other things) and JUST got sued and beaten down by a group of parents. I'm SO happy these things are changing for the better all over the country. (I'm still getting over that shit!)
@7 The kid is a hero too. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to teachers and speak truth to authority which he was obviously doing even before Mom was there to back him up.
I graduated from East Lansing High School in 2008. I think it is great that they are getting rid of the abstinence only section but I have a few comments based on my own experience growing up in East Lansing.

-East Lansing is not exactly a conservative rural area. It's part of the Lansing metro area. There is a university. It is a very progressive and liberal area with a lot of professionals.
-Aside from the abstinence only parts, the sex education was very good. In 4th grade we learned about the importance of other people respecting our bodies ("Good touch, bad touch"). By middle school we were having frank and honest discussions about birth control. We were told that birth control is very effective if used properly and we were taught how to use it properly.

-The abstinence units were done by outside groups and were a very small part of the curriculum. Far and away the main focus was on emotional and physical safety, not on abstinence.

I appreciate what Alice Dreger did, the abstinence only bits should not have been in the curriculum. But unless sex education in East Lansing changed dramatically since I graduated, then the abstinence unit was small and not a focus. Just my two cents.
My daughter's school serves Greenwich Village, NYC and we get abstinence only education. So it's not just Michigan! ! Also no discussion of female desire.

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