Equal rights for insects is his only good idea.
wtf. Stay home, stay safe.
Backlash is here. Jesus.
There was a right wing rally in Oz last week. Reclaim Australia. The Aborigines pointed out it wasn't theirs to reclaim.
Spooky shit .
Please stop using "zero-sum game" It's pretentious and annoying.
@3 is there a better term for it?
Anthony Rebello appears to be a musician. His FB page is innocuous. This post comes from a warning on FB from someone named Christopher Peguero. There is not enough information here to determine if this is anything at all or some inside jab on Anthony Rebello.
Looks like another post 'n go by Dan before doing much digging.
Baffling fashion choices? Boys or girls..
This stuff is a sickness. And with all sicknesses you apply the antidote. The antidote here is kindness and compassion. They are caught by their deluded minds.
And wait out the backlash.
They want to take you on, don't give them the satisfaction. If you return love and understanding to hate, the hater has nothing to hook onto.
Still. Got to stay vigilant.
Everyone's a critic. Who ever is organizing this Rally, it's bullshit. Straight people show their pride everyday. They just don't know it.
Ugh, my appologies Dan. This is a tossed salad of FB comment threads and sites and links and extrapolations as well as ugliness. There is no point in manning battle stations over this one.
What a dumb ass.

Every day is Straight Pride day. It's so ubiquitous, we don't even realize it's happening.
Lovely white male privilege on parade. He writes like his opinion should be adhered to, as if it's of great value. He doesn't realize he's just some crazy nutjob ranting against what's already been decided.

Of course he's a racist. If we lived in a society that judged others' on the content of their character, no one would bother with him.
..but did ANYone actually go and pee-rade ?
@11 It apparently was a fools parade of one.…
@11: sounds like, at most, an army of one.
Yeah I saw that fool down be the Delux
What a weird and complicated way to let everybody know that you're a homosexual. OK, Anthony, we get it already.
Ugh, at least he posts his picture so we know to stay FAR FAR AWAY from him. It's the ones who stalk the comment threads of Seattle Times and Komo with anonymous vomit inducing posts that I sometimes worry about - hoping I don't know any of them. Blech!
Good on you Seattle.
@12: Well, at least he brought balloons,* not that drum-fed penis substitute from the other photo.
*Black and white though, seriously? Maybe all the other colors are too "gay" in his opinion?
I'm pretty sure straight pride lies in your children.

Of which I am certain my minimum is three.

The rest is walking down a street by yourself? :[

Have a few kids, fags.

Unless you're built like me they'll probably be cute and chubby and whatnot, but it could be worse and you'll break through my logic block.

(just keep going. you can.)

Which is...

A Darwin Award.
@15 FTW
It's playing 'wack a mole' we put Subhumanblues in time out here and it pops up walking the streets alone some where else.
"There's a mother's day and a father's day, but why is there no kid's day??", Jeremy whined. "Why? Because everyday is 'kid's day'!", Papa replied.

and/or learn to recognize when you're in the group on which a minority is based. if you are, then (mostly): shaaadup, sit-down, and watch their parade (or go have a bowl of cereal)
@24 and dance naked in the fountain in broad ass daylight ?
Wait a minute, this is a serious threat! What if heterosexuals banded together and managed to take control of the state legislatures, or even Congress? What if they took over the Supreme Court? What if they weaseled themselves into the top positions in most corporations? Just think of what the world would be like! Terrifying!
@3: Please read a book at some point and stop getting angered by incredibly simple concepts.
Straight pride - or as I call it - every time I go out of my fucking front door.
Regarding that first asterisk: I've got no problem if you describe sex acts between a male and a female as straight sex, regardless of their orientation. Bisexual people have straight sex. A great many homosexuals have had straight sex at some time. However, MMF and FFM are definitely bi sex. And also hot.
New low, posts and articles about the most obvious trolls on earth. Jesus Christ, do you really believe that nothing is happening in Seattle worth writing about? Why are you paid for this shit? The underlings at The Stranger should unionize and throw out Tim, Fixie Frizzelle, and Dan.
I'm at like..

Kim Jong Un, Dan Savage, Kobe Bryant, Maynard, or Brad Pitt with this guy.

Why are you still here?
What do you mean?

Why am I still alive? I think you know the answer to that. It is rather self-explanatory, after all.

Why am I talking on The Stranger? We've been over this, but I am terribly bored and Dan broke sex. Being the sex god, I feel obligated to fix a few things before I run off and get hitched.

Why am I in heaven?

It isn't quite as simple as I had stated it was, is it, Sophie.

Stupid fucking Allison being all righteous and having a spine on the proper day.
My sixth guess is Rob Thomas.

You really shouldn't ban me, as I contribute more than anyone else.

I really am going to marry Naomi.

I have an Amex for her.

See you in a thou.

Talked to a 50-something fag from Reno last night. Looked like me and could talk about the schools me or my father could have gone to. Was fine until I had to inform him that I was going to kill him.

We talked business, and I woke up and found a text saying that he "makes love to men".

Ophian, I just cottoned on to that, as well. Straight sex is always straight sex. Gay sex is always gay sex. Some people practice both.
And you know Dan, a lot of those who love you- practice straight sex.
Re @36; disregard, totally misunderstood what Dan said.
@37 still applicable.
Jeez, I though Dirtclustit was bad, but Vetted is really burying the needle on the incoher-o-meter. This seems to be a trend recently. Sloggers, take your meds! For all our sakes, or we're just going to end up tossing each others' word salads.
@ 39 - Not sure I agree with you there. It's not like they seem to have anything interesting or intelligent to say, so at least this way, it makes for entertaining reading.
@40: Someone who rants about telling "fags" he's going to kill them doesn't belong on this site. Can't milk entertainment from that crazy.
@ 41 - I was being sarcastic.

You really have no idea how organizing, unions, or labor laws in general work, do you?
I doubt someone so fixated on what members of the LBGT do is truly straight. There's something bent in there if you dig past the surface. But who would want to?
@29: Doesn't it have to be MMFF or MFMF in order to definitely be bi sex? Somebody who has a copy of the bylaws should look it up.
Eudaemonic @45, I [and others, I believe] make a distinction between MFM and MMF. The former would be more like a spit-roast, whereas the latter implies that everyone gets something in a hole or two.

Yes, all knowing COMTE, I believe that some unionized writers can remove the publishers and management. You're a fucking idiot.

In case you need help, COMTE, I do not actually believe this to be true. The first post was expressing displeasure with Tim, Dan, and Fixie, while noting that their staff doesn't have the same protections that their darling politicians advocate. I even threw in some absurdity because I found it funny. My second post was making fun of you for being a know it all who jumps to conclusions without thinking twice.

I hope this helps you slow down, read, and think before posting.

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