Should your preface to the final quote in this piece read, "to put an end once and for all to the notion that the government pays for abortions"?
Woop! Yep, thanks, @2.
@1: These are your people. The people you spent the time, energy and talent your Creator bestowed upon you to put into power. In an earlier era, you would have been a plantation overseer. Own it.
Free IUDs for all

That's what Warren Buffet did
God damn right, E-War.
"The Government Doesn't Perform Abortions. Period."

She says that like it's a good thing. Government should totally pay for safe, legal abortions for anyone who wants or needs one. It's a health issue and should be addressed.
The one point I wish would get stuffed in these fuckers' faces more often is that defunding PP will increase abortions.
Heartening, for sure, but she's preaching to the choir.

Conservatives will continue to believe what they want to believe, nothing Warren said will make any conservative feel any differently about anything.

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