Maybe it's because "socialist" Bernie Sanders isn't really a socialist?
Also, because a smart Capitalist (and whatever else one might say about Meinert, he's not stupid, that's for sure) never passes up an opportunity to make a buck - even (or perhaps especially) if it's from a Socialist - and Sanders is about as close to one as we're likely to see on the national scene.
Because a smart Capitalist (and whatever else one might say about Meinert, he's not stupid) will never pass up the opportunity to make a buck, even (or perhaps most especially if) it comes out of the pocket of a Socialist, which, in response to @1 he's as close to one as we're likely to see on the national political stage.
Apologies for the double-post - comments sections throughout SLOG seem to have been particularly glitchy today.
Funny how a Tel Aviv band seems to be stealing Eugene Hutz' schtick from Gogol Bordello shows. Or is it a mislabeled photo?
Meinart frequently says one thing and does another, as the invisible hand bitch slaps him across the face.
And isn't Bands for Bernie doing another Bernie fundraiser at The Crocodile that day? Who owns that?
Or maybe Meinert never knows what he's going to say or do next. Silly man is silly. Stop staring and let him work out his issues in private.
If only he would work them out in private himself.
Meinert's full of shit, of course. A year or two ago he wanted a far more complex and far slower march to the $15 minimum wage. For him to say now that "my biggest criticism of it was the final plan being too complex, and taking too long to get to $15" is total revisionism.
@10 well of course, no one wants to look like they were on the wrong side of history when a policy changes doesn't result in the fire and brimstone consequences he predicted.

I'd rather guys like him would give in just a little to naked honesty, and say something like, "I thought the sky was gonna fall and it didn't. I'm still making good money so I'm fine with how things turned out."
He wanted a system stacked with benefits credits and tip credits to the point that restaurant owners wouldn't have to actually raise wages at all.
Was he one of the ones who was pushing for local voters to split their ballots and vote Obama and McKenna in 2012 ?
Bernie is actually a Social Democrat, which is halfway between a Capitalist and Socialist. Kshama is a Socialist. A Social Democracy is defined quite well here: In the post-war era, social democrats embraced the idea of reforming capitalism and, at least in practice, rejected the goal of replacing capitalism with socialism. Social democracy embraced a mixed economy based on the predominance of private property, with only a small number of utilities and essential public services under public ownership. In this period, social democracy became associated with Keynesian economics, state interventionism and the welfare state and abandoned the goal of replacing the capitalist system of private property, market-based allocation and wage labor with a qualitatively different socialist economic system.…
Threads about Dave Meinart make me wonder what raku is up to.
The Comet is owned by a guy who, together with his business partner, owns half of the stupid bars that The Stranger employees love. Why are you complaining? Speak with your wallets and stop going there if his politics bother you so much. Meanwhile, this further reinforces to me why I'm voting for Sanders, even if the bar isn't shitty enough for The Stranger's standards.

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