If anybody in that office had ever worked in an animal research facility they'd have known how to humanely kill that poor mouse, rather than stomp it's little bones to mush. Poor mouse. (Also: the right way would have been cervical dislocation.)
I would have simply set the stuck mouse outside and let a crow figure out how to kill it.
There's a billion more where it came from.
My suggestion was made in jest. I was in favor of letting the rodent free into the wilds of Cal Anderson Park.

Once the thing was on that awful glue trap I don't think they had much choice but to kill. The question is why you guys use those things. If you need to go old school on 'em at least be semi humane and use snap traps. Ya monsters.
You guys killed Megan Seling after we got all attached ? Thanks a lot.…
10-ish years ago I was living in an apartment in downtown Baltimore that was completely overrun by them, damaging the unit and causing me to lose much sleep with their frequent rustling around in the walls. The supe put down glue traps and I found one trapped & struggling one evening. Thought it'd maybe be humane to just drown him in the toilet.

Brought him in there, dropped him in the bowl, but he stuck onto a portion not completely submerged in water and the poor thing was just jammed up against a damp slab of toilet porcelain. And those traps are fucking sticky as fuck. Tried flushing a few times in hopes of drowning him, but this just sent periodic, non lethal waves over him. Think it took me 20 minutes to finally dislodge the trap which left portions of mouse skin in the bowl. My sincere apologies to that dude.
I find the the Stranger oddly anti-humane and I do NOT like it.

Fuck everyone involved in setting the trap and then extinguishing the mouse's life.

That mouse was a far better creature than all of you.
Interesting. I couldn't tell you why, but I assumed Rich was Black.
@10: I had that same impression. Maybe because he mostly covers politics and the Black Lives Matter movement has been in the news so much, the timing influenced my assumptions.
Get a cat. Or two. After they snap a few necks, you can pick up the rodents by the tail and throw them outside. The smell of the cats will keep rodents from coming back. Cats are good with roaches, too.
The Stranger's coverage of politics, art, and culture is always stellar. I can count on both progressive and subversive approaches to local news, and your long form reporting continues to inspire me. I often use your articles in my classroom, whether teaching Queer Studies or Creative Writing. But this article? Such a disappointment -- actually, it shocked me, and not in a good way. It's not news, not art, and I hope you don't consider it entertainment. It's cruel. There are humane ways to grapple with the conflicts between humans and non-human animals in urban areas where our territory sometimes overlaps. To highlight the killing of a non-human animal as a form of casual humor links The Stranger to institutions like Sea World and the Woodland Park Zoo's elephant exhibit. Surely you can do better than this? I hate that commenting on this piece sets me up for mockery, since it's still so easy for people to make jokes about animal cruelty. But I had to write in, because this paper is so important to me (and many other local writers). You can do better, and you will, and I'll continue to be a loyal reader. But this piece and the accompany photo were ugly mistakes on your part.
@12: I'm allergic to cats. And microwave popcorn. Neither are allowed in the office.
Thank you, @13. I was too upset to calmly explain what was WRONG with this article.
@10, @11: I couldn't tell you why, but I assumed Rich was Black

Really? It seems like every other post he wrote in the beginning included some form of apologetic disclaimer for being a straight white male.
@12 IME the 'smell of a cat' is bullshit. The rats and cats seem to work in shifts in my yard.

Those glue traps are awful. In my younger days I was living in an old RV for a couple years that became infested. I put a glue trap down in one of the cabinets and a few days later I found a gruesome scene. The momma mouse got stuck first and the babies got hungry waiting so they tried to reach her. They were stuck in a ring around her. That was the last glue trap I will ever use.
@10 @11 ... that, and all the skin he showed during his daring assignment to jump into Lake Washington during SewageGate2015.
I don't understand why "The Stranger" staff doesn't keep an axe or a quality kitchen knife around for just this reason. (Or throwing stars or something). I mean seriously, your building and the Valùe Villáge next to it --and all the bars/restaus in the immediate vicinity-- must be mice/rat attractants writ large. I used to work at CHAC/LowerLevel (before it became Octo/Velocity) and boy did they have a rat issue due to all the soda syrup and foodstuffs on site. Never saw one, but found evidence regularly.

Know your enemy, be prepared. No more stomping, you monsters.

(@1 - "cervical dislocation" ? What?? Who even knows how to do that???)

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