Anybody willing to pay $189 for Bumbershoot is an idiot. A god damned idiot. And the Stranger should be ashamed of itself associating with such a transparent greedy corporate rip off.
I was one of those idiots. I've dealt with lines at Bumbershoot before and I've cope with rain at Bumbershoot before, but I don't remember waiting 90 minutes in line, in the rain, just to pick up my wrist band to get in to Bumbershoot. I guess I am an idiot.
Another goddamned idiot here. I paid at the gate, which was way too expensive ($125 - I'm ashamed of myself for bad planning), but at least I didn't have to wait in that horrible line.
I'm more an idiot for believing the weather forecast and bringing zero rain gear. Shorts and a hoodie couldn't handle that deluge.
Also, where were all the food vendors and street performers?
End bumbershoot. have some ethics. end the strangers association with this bullshit. what sort of artist, high school, or college student could afford this crap? or even anyone in the service industry? It's now like burning man and glamping in the state parks, public goods being given to rich twats.

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