That was pretty great.
Fun watching the Huckster squirm.
. Can a reporter ever just ask a question any more, then point out that it wasn't answered and re-ask without going on and on. Huckabee said they were talking about the definition of marriage, and neither of them stopped him to say 'no, that was not the question' because they both brought in all this bible stuff before he ever had to. They set it up to let him weasel out. Crummy interview.
For that matter, since we were "founded as a Christian nation" and all, why is it that Jews and Muslims and such have been able to get legally married all this time? I mean, obviously they're not REALLY married without a ceremony in a Christian church - but how come they've been able to get marriage licenses for THEIR perverted, godless unions?
This "religious freedom" nonsense will be nipped in the bud by the Supreme Court eventually. We can't have commerce disrupted by these arbitrary interpretations of what is essentially meaningless scripture, and this is where that's heading.

Also, no one - not even whores like Huckabee - want the government deciding what religions are legitimate and what aren't.
It's always worthwhile to expose a expose a bigot on national TV, but I have to wonder why they bother debating the bible with him. For one thing, you can never win a theological argument. Any clown can use any religious text to reinforce his beliefs. "Don't like gay sex? Neither does God!" "Cut the heads off infidels? God loves that!" But more importantly, we don't create policy in this country based on scripture, and love of Jesus is no excuse for breaking the law. They'd have been better prepared to quote the constitution and the supreme court ruling to him, and keep the religious rantings to the snake charmers.
Since he clearly has no issue with couples divorcing with how he dodged that question, does that mean he is a supporter of married gays who want to get divorced?
@3 - I absolutely agree. This letting-people-dodge-questions thing, however, is now baked into the pie of political interviews. If a reporter absolutely refused to let politicians and other public figures off the hook, it would quickly devolve into "you didn't answer my question!" "Yes I did!" "No you didn't" etc., and the interviewer would be perceived by many viewers (and more importantly, their network bosses) as obstructionist and nitpicky. And then they'd be fired.
Charee Stanley's case (that of the Muslim flight attendant who refused to serve alcohol because doing so would be at odds with her religious beliefs) is a much stronger parallel case for the media to corner Huckabee with because it doesn't require a hypothetical (since it has actually happened) and it deals with a non-Christian religious person. Therefore, it would expose Huckabee's hypocrisy: he wants a religious get-out-of-doing-your-job card for Christians (specifically anti-gay bigots, evangelical or otherwise) but not for any other creed.
@3, I think I have to respectfully disagree. He did answer the question, saying that lawbreaking when it comes to gay people is somehow different than lawbreaking when it comes to straight people, because there's no "statute" that says gay marriage is legal. The argument is absurd and illogical on its face, but he did answer.
Update: Kim Davis says Huckabee not a Christian.

The AFP reports:

"Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher, was at Davis' side when the bespectacled 49-year-old emerged from jail in Kentucky Tuesday after five days behind bars for contempt of court, having refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples."

If you remember Dan's earlier post, Kim Davis was NOT a Christian until she CONVERTED away from Baptism. So if Kim Davis says that Baptists are not real Christians, than Huckabee is not a real Christian.
Bill Watterson put it nicely: "It's that moment of dawning comprehension I live for."
It's like when Louisiana was about to give public funds to private religious schools, and then realized that Islamic schools would be able to apply for funding also under its provisions.
@13: Something something enemy of my enemy is my friend. These human scum turn on each other pretty quickly,
Huckabee is an opportunistic huckster using a woman that may be (seriously, after watching her press conference) mentally ill. The shame he'd feel if he truly believed what he preaches...
@6- The Supreme Court kicked off the "religious freedom" shit show with the Hobby Lobby decision. They shat on this case, but they're more than a little to blame for it existing.
They let her out? She better shut that mouth of hers, tie up that hair of hers, and do her fucking job.
Or right back in jail, girly.
This was like listening to a debate with a smug 14-year-old, who is too immature (and too stupid) to know he's receiving an intellectual drubbing.
I thought Rick Ross made a good point in his blog at this cult awareness site: Kim Davis likely believes Mike Huckabee is going to hell.…
Okay, I don't get it. The reporters who talk to these people know they're going to pull that "tell me which law says gay people can get married" crap because that's their thing now. So why aren't the reporters prepared for the question? How hard is it to read a sentence from Wikipedia? "The fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution."
It will be interesting to see what Huckabee has to say next time Kim Davis gets divorced. It'll be fun to see how she and her supporters rationalise it, too. And who husband #5 will be! Probably her current husband's ex-wife's current husband or something equally hilarious
>Also, no one - not even whores like Huckabee - want the govern[-]
>ment deciding what religions are legitimate and what aren't.

0.) One ought not insult whores like that.
1.) I'm pretty sure Huckabee, and I know some very like him, would love government's doing that...if they could be sure that it would make the 'right' judgements. ...but to be charitable, liberty is too valuable for us to depend solely on the pure love of it to maintain it, practical balance-of-power/terror evaluations by people more afraid of losing their freedom than hopeful of restricting someone else's probably are significant.
I will miss Bob Schieffer of Face The Nation CBS show. I heard him once say "we'll I guess you're not going to answer the question". You can't force to answer them but you can call them on it.

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