The point of everyone rushing the gunman is that you're already fucked so why they hell not? That's what Ben Carson has to offer: "You're already fucked. Vote Carson!" Doesn't exactly have the same ring as "Morning in America" or "Shining city on a hill" but that's all Republicans have these days.

Those kids on the train in France knew they were fucked so they rushed a guy with an AK. Which, ninety nine times out of a hundred, results in the guy with the AK-47 just shooting all three of you dead in about a tenth of a second, and carries on. By some miracle his gun jammed. Then his other gun jammed.

So like everyone's plan should be to hope for the kind of lucky break you normally only see in fucking comic books. Hey, that's a pretty good Carson bumper sticker too: "Like, maybe his gun will jam? Carson '16!"
Like I said, most (95%) of people freeze, and the ones who think they would do something ... Don't
Oh. My. God. These GOP candidates are such a mess of idiots.
' a popeyes organization'..
at first i thought he meant the organization headed by jimmy ' popeye' doyle. i really did.
Not only do we need gun control, we need to control bullets.
Why can none of these Republican politicians speak English? "A Popeye's organization"? I thought Sarah Palin was a one-off, then we got Kevin McCarthy, and now we have a freakin' brain surgeon who can't actually speak normal English. They make Bush with his build-the-pie-higher isms look like a Mensa member.
Popeyes: Come for the chicken strips, stay for the gun violence.
@ 7 - As I've read somewhere, Carson is a brain surgeon so skilled that he's actually managed to remove his own brain.

Andy Borowitz of the New Yorker has something to add about Big Bad Ben:…

And, It's a Dumb-Off, and Bush is winning!…
Oh, golly. Here's the thing (You were just waiting for me to tell you the thing, weren't you? Oh, admit it.):

It's not that Carson's an idiot. Or that Trump is a megalomaniac. Or that ____(fill in GOP name) is a _____ (fill in essential flaw). You can find individual idiots and crazy people anywhere.

It's that HUGE numbers of Americans would actually vote for them. That's the thing. The scary thing. Some people that used to be too dumb to care about elections have been awoken from their slumber.

FSM help us all.
All I see here is simply another black man in America who just wanted his ribs.
@12: Welcome back!
Holy shit. Bloviator AND a coward. I don't know what I'd do if someone held a gun at me now. I know what I've done in the past...and I hope it never happens again. No matter how small the caliber, you are *sure* you see the bullet at the other end of that barrel.

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