The bars are fun, but I just don't think that place is historic. Has anything really important happened there?

It's not simply a matter of "George Washington Slept Here" historical events taking place there, but could be given landmark status for design or architectural features, unique construction, or other significant elements that make it stand out from the surrounding buildings.

A list of criteria is available on the City's Dept. of Neighborhoods Historic Landmarks Preservation page.
The apartments above are the last of the remaining row houses built throughout the neighborhood in the 1890's.
Not sure if these clowns understand the situation. Shorty's is not covered by the historical status. Nothing to stop the developers from demolishing the site or raising the rent so that the high bars will opt to shutdown or relocate on their own. I like that the issue has activated a lot of people. I dislike that their activism is so myopic. How many of them will go back to City Hall for an issue that does not personally impact them. Belltown has a lot other issues that they could give a damn about.
We are well aware of that but landmark status for that building will make it more of a pain for developers to tear down the block. As far as you grand assumption about hundreds of peoples politics, activism history or future plans it nothing but an uninformed sweeping generalization.

We did what we could and we won this battle. thanks for showing up to shit in our Cheerio's!
I guess I just don't think the Apts look that good either. They just look old to me. I feel that buildings should be preserved if they do something only they can do (pike place), have historical significance (smith tower), or have historical significance (lots of pioneer square).

Being old and next to a bar, which is really what folks care about, doesn't make it worth preserving in my eyes.
Good thing you're not on the Landmark board then!

I don't understand how you can think the last standing rowhouse from the original building of Belltown doesn't have historical significance
With Sit and Spin, the Cinema 150, the King Cat Theater, the Frontier Room and the Hurricane Cafe like closed and gone, I'm totally chill with the rest of Belltown going down the gentry chute.
The positivity in these comments is so inspiring!
Ronald, I just don't think age alone is worth preserving. They are pretty run down, and aren't that interesting. I don't think people really care about them, this fight is really about the bars. Which is fine, but it's not good land use to preserve a non-descript old building for all time as a wierd way to try to prevent a bar in a different building from closing. Just drink at shorties more, then they will stay in business even if one day they move.
Honestly, that couple blocks on second avenue are the only redeeming businesses left in downtown Seattle. If the Rendezvous through the Rabbit Hole were raised, I'd never go downtown again, it would loose it's uniqueness, everything else downtown can be found in other neighborhoods with better restaurants.
Ronald- Good work and congrats! I was the barista making coffee for a lot of the people that showed up at City Hall for the hearing and I was very impressed by the turn out, the energy and the knowledge the people who were showed. I see a lot of folks working on a lot of issues that "personally impact them," as @4 put it and you all were definitely the highest spirited ones I've made lattes for. That alone did a lot to win the battle I am sure. So congrats.

And to @4 specifically, I've got news for ya bub, the people who come down to City Hall are all doing it for an issue that "personally impact[s] them." That's what motivates people and that's what gets them involved. They should be getting kudos for standing up for an issue that "personally impact them" not berated for it. And you should not assume that they're not working on other issues in the 'hood.

Again, great work Clowns!
I hope that this liberal interpretation of historical significance won't be used the same way by NIMBYs in Ballard/Fremont/Wallingford/West Seattle to thwart density. I'd miss Shorty's, etc. as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure I see 1890s row houses as being worth a historical significance designation based solely on their novelty to the neighborhood.

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