Hm. 22 films at 5 minutes apiece (maximum!) - that's only an hour and ten minutes of total film time, maximum. Even factoring in about thirty seconds transition time between each film, you're only up to about an hour and fifteen minutes. Add in a ten-minute intermission, you're still at just an hour and twenty-five minutes. And again, that's maximum.

Seems just a little on the short side, no? I think you guys should move to a seven-minute limit on the movies. It's more in keeping with the minimum time people need for a "complete" sex scene anyway (actually, probably more like fifteen minutes, but I realize that's too long).

Just some armchair advice. As always, wish I was in the area to see it!

I thought the trailer would have more lightsabers. And wookies.
HUMP definitely needs more wookies. Were there really no furry submissions this year, with wookies?
@1 Considering there are 60 minutes in 1 hour and there are 22 films at 5 minutes (maximum!)... that means there could be a maximum of 110 minutes... aka one hour a fifty minutes.
The accountant.
Great teaser. Do they get put onto DVD format, compatible for us down under to watch? I'd love to see them.
That boy with the newspaper , imprinted in my brain. That threesome looked hot.
@4: Lance was using the decimal hour. It's 100 minutes long.
Mrs. fromBoulder and I went to see "Best of...", the travelling version of Hump featuring greatest hits from years gone by. It was a lot of fun. Best of all, Dan Savage came out onto the stage in person ahead of time to warn us how very poorly we would be treated if we tried to use our cell phones to rip off a bootleg copy.
Perhaps the travelling version tour will stop near wherever you are, Lance, next year.
Why doesn't Hump come to Boston?
@4, @6 - At times, I really am developmentally - or at least temporally - disabled. Apologies, mortification, shame, etc. for my failure of basic cognition, math, and awareness of reality. I shall retire to my chambers for a bout of self-flagellation.

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