Biden was there for only one reason.

To force Bern to kowtow to Hillary and accept the VP slot.

His task is ended based on the last debate.
Biden would've been to the right of corporate-supremacist Clinton, so no thanks.
There already is, and there will be more, dreadful things in Hillary's (and her staff's) emails for reasonable Dems to disqualify her - you're only worry is how many feel that way.
@3: like what? you seem to know all about it. did she admit to murdering vince foster?
@4, no smoking guns - but stupid stuff - like mixing Sidney Blumenthal business and State Dept business, the whole classified/not classified thing, Clinton Foundation/State Department overlaps, all the things YOU know about already but still have fun asking me.
-If Clinton implodes before the primaries begin it would still be possible for the mainstream Dems to "draft" Biden and rush him into the fray to head Bernie off at the pass.
-If Clinton wins the first several primaries handily and then implodes the same thing could happen.
-If Clinton and Sanders run neck and neck through the first half dozen primaries and then she implodes the mainstream Dems are stuck with Sanders.
@6: Your point #3 is the same as the first two. Nothing is stuck until the convention. Hell, it might even resemble the 1972 Democratic Convention when McGovern accepted deep into the night, long after most everyone had turned the TV off and gone to bed.
Biden watched the Dem debate, found that Hillary was pretty good and so was Bernie, and decided he couldn't win the nomination. He's been obviously waiting for the results of that debate.

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