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Always floors me when car commercials show their latest model zipping along highways and city streets, no other cars in sight, like some kind of last man on earth scenario. It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive or how much you paid; they all get stuck in traffic just the same.

It is absolutely about changing the culture. I would like to see signs placed at the city limits on all incoming roads that state: "Seattle is a bicycle-friendly community, bicycles have full rights to all lanes unless otherwise noted. Dangerous driving will not be tolerated."

I think it would be a cheap and effective way to message that your dangerous driving is not acceptable here. It is amazing how many drivers believe bicycles are required to use a bike lane for example. I think most are being willfully ignorant but laws do differ in other parts of the country.
Not to mention fast electric or hybrid cars that humans or animals don't hear coming!
Good Afternoon Charles,
You have a very valid point. I despise speeding drivers especially in urban areas. While I don't like speeders in general, it appears slightly safer to be speeding on an Interstate than on an urban street. I also, especially detest cars 'jumping' out of a stop light on an artery like say, 11th Ave. NE in my 'hood. The traffic light changes to green and autos barrel out like it's a drag race (11th Ave. NE is northbound two lanes after 43rd St.). It can be most dangerous.

And, yes I can believe early 20th century American & European pedestrian urbanites loathed the auto especially when it harmed or killed a walker. I recall hearing stories in some parts of the developing world (for me, Africa) where & when a motorist hits & kills a pedestrian a mob ensues to exact justice vigilante-style. So, I can understand the early disdain of the automobile.
Don't know about how to punish 'incorrigible fast drivers'. I do know by making fuel more expensive, cars more expensive & smaller, having more expensive parking and most importantly, providing safe, environmentally friendly & inexpensive public transit in the form of light-rail, bus or ferry then and only then will there be fewer cars. And, fewer 'incorrigible fast drivers'.

As you know, I am carless by choice.
I've never driven on Rainier when it wasn't crowded and slow, it's hard for me to picture people speeding there. But, I've never driven there after one in the morning, I suppose it's a very different story then.
echoing many here, but terrific piece charles. @4, outside of rush hour(s), rainier is routinely viewed as a deathtrap by folks that live and work on it. in ny experience, the recent road diet has helped (and the community is generally thrilled about the improvements), but clearly the street still has a long way to go.
Other than rush hour (and even sometimes then), the 4-lane stretches of Rainier allow for speeds of 40-50 mph with ease. There are some choke points, but people still treat it like a highway. I often wonder if these are the Renton-area folks using it as an I-5 alternative. If so, this won't change unless the road diet extends from the Renton Airport through to Jackson - otherwise there's an expectation that the road will accommodate those seeking a freeway to work. Even with the road diet, I figure the true change won't arrive until the navigation systems in cars reflect the change in lanes and travel times, since many will blindly follow their GPS.
Seattle is a major city and goods and services must flow in order for commerce to happen. Our roads are inadequate now (just try to get around from one end to another, or see what happens as a result of an accident or hiccup). Our local Government wants to take away lanes, slow us down and reduce problems. Sorry, I don't buy this "dumbing down" approach. Educate drivers better or they shouldn't drive! Yes, faster drivers get in accidents but usually it's slow drivers that cause back ups and frustration. I see sooooo many of you people driving innattentively! Drive like you mean it, pay attention you aren't the only one on the road. If a faster driver is behind you, move over into the slow lane, put your make up on before you get in your car and stop texting! And to all the car "deniers", try running a small business and tell me a car is unnecessary! And to all of you who make the decisions about our transportation system and tear up our roads for 3-5years to put in 1 stupid underutilized lane, I think you're crazy. Go big or go home. Put 4 lanes in each direction or double stack the roads and give us pass over lanes to avoid local on and off driving. Speed things up, do something intelligent and stop wasting our time and money !
Next Charles will be trying to figure out how to get the guns out of Rainier Avenue.

I'm sure the blame will fall on Montana, again.

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