I wonder when the issue of ADA compliance is going to catch up them and their hosts as well (they've been able to skirt local zoning issues in most cities, but ADA lawsuits are a whole different beast).

I know it's just a sign of the times, but if Airbnb were simply "an online platform that connects hosts who have accommodations to rent with guests seeking to rent such accommodations", they'd charge a either a subscription fee or a price to place your ad rather than taking a percentage of all rooms booked through them.
@1 I'm a host, and AirBnB discourages us from listing ourselves as ADA accessible if we don't meet the criteria, which is supplied in checklist form on the platform. Are bed and breakfasts required to be ADA accessible?
Chinese Drywall is the best GnR album.
@2, yes.
Always surprised at the consistently negative comments re: airbnb.

First, if you own a property you can rent it. What difference does it make if it is for a month, a year, or a weekend? Second, this provides an excellent opportunity for people to become entrepreneurs especially for those who might be trapped by underwater mortgages, etc.

Third, have you ever used the service? It is wonderful! I hate staying in hotels; I came to your town to experience how the local denizens live. Why would I want the same sterile, cookie-cutter experience I could get at the local version of the [insert shitty hotel chain here]? I would rather my money go to an individual than a giant corporation anyway.

Arguments that the practice raises rents are almost certainly bullshit and not supported by evidence. (Except maybe the most extreme cases like SF but let's be real about the root cause of this phenomenon because it ain't airbnb.)

Arguments that airbnb skirts the hotel tax are legit but easily rectified with an update to the local statutes. Individual condo associations should have the right to choose whether they will allow the practice just as they do now with % of units allowed to be rentals.
I know of at least 2 landlords on Capitol Hill who, rather than have tenants sign leases and pay rents, keep units empty to rent on airbnb. I'm not saying I don't use airbnb when I travel, but because of this, I'll only stay in owner-owned or occupied listings.

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