Speaking of guns... In the wake of these horrific attacks, will Paris (and the rest of the EU) now finally implement meaningful gun control measures???
Ooh - idea! Burning/melting it would be cool, but even better - auction it off to some right-wing gun humper at a crazy high price, and then post a YouTube video of donating the money to the Coalition to Stoop Gun Violence.
*STOP gun violence. Gah, fingers.
@2 - If you win and auction it off, please be sure to do a background check on the winning bidder. Loopholes and all, ya know...
You don't just have to give an email address to enter; you also have to give your actual address. I don't know that I want Steve King and his thug ilk to have my address.
I wouldn't touch that rifle... he said it's got santorum on it.
If you had any decency you'd be fighting for common sense gun laws in France so this sort of thing can never happen again. Also, because poverty is the other major factor here France needs some sort of major social welfare system with high taxes on productive citizens. I hope they get it together.

Shit, I came here to post that very comment.

Except that doing so means you put another deadly weapon out there.
@9 @2 Take the gun to a buyback where they give you money and then THEY melt it back into reusable metal. Donate money to organization. Best of both worlds!
If I win, I'm going to have a gunsmith render it permanently non-functional. (Completely non-functional, just like the assholes who autographed it and are giving it away.) Then I'm going to donate $1000 to the Brady Foundation, have the acknowledgment letter mounted on a plaque, and hang them on the wall together.
11, continued... (why oh why can't we edit our comments?)

And THEN, I'm going to send out a press release, give interviews, and get my 15 seconds of fame..

Fuck Steve King and his merry band of gun-humpers.
@1, 7: please describe the scenario in which the same attack, using fully automatic Kalashnikovs, occurring at an American concert venue, let's say The Showbox, would have been thwarted by you iron-ass super patriots. are you advocating for gun carry INSIDE nightclubs, just in case?
@7 you're sick in the head. Seek treatment.
Two-fisted truck driver Tex Tirebyter talkin' tough about terrorists!

Ah, yes, now we can blame conservative gun owners instead of the terrorists and their religion.
So clever. I guess dad's a Limbaugh fan, eh? Stick it to him, hipster!
@16: Do you think the terrorists who attacked Paris weren't conservative? Their brand of Islam is conservative to the point of being reactionary. And they certainly owned guns!
They sell that brand at Cabella's, prolly made in China. They send out whole catalogs of guns and hunting and fishing stuff for my paper recycling effort.
Somebody's 9 year old daughter wants her gold Barbie Sparkle Doll glitter pen back.
@17 In spite of the laws governing firearms in France you can buy a Kalashnikov for €300 on the street. Acquiring an illegal machine gun in France doesn't qualify you as a "gun owner" any more than a #thugslivesmatter activist hunting a cop is a "gun owner". The left's talking point machine needs to pick a lane and stay in it. Which was it? guns? Islam? poverty?
Pity to be smearing Santorum on the stock of an antique hunting rifle design. Sure, you could melt it down, but why not do that to an actual gun-humper's wet dream, like an AR-10 or AK-47 or something ridiculous that? A lever-action grandpa gun ain't really at the heart of the problem...except to the extent that the GOP douches make it a fetish object.
@20 - (yawn)
The argument that access to guns does have some merit to inhibit and stop a gunman in a school, workplace, or mall - but not on the scale of Paris. In addition, most people freeze and couldn't throw a vase much less fire a gun.

@20/Teckel ... We are waiting for you to explain the plan for widespread gun ownership such as we have here in the States and specifically how this would have prevented the atrocities visited upon Paris.

More importantly, paint the big picture for all of us silly liberals. There are 7.3 billion people in the world at present. Approx 1.5 billions are minors. So let's call that 5.5 billion adults. How many do you want to see armed? And how many weapons should we all own, each? Will this cause less violence and mayhem, do you think?

Even after counting the 130+ fatalities of this attack, the USA still has over eight times more gun homicides per capita than France does. Their common sense gun laws actually save a lot of lives, who knew?!?

Henry's are U.S. manufactured. That said, no self-respecting RWNJ Ammosexual would probably want a puny lil' 30-30 lever action: the ammo is relatively low-caliber and only really good for hunting; plus lever action is much slower to re-chamber than semi-auto, AND they only hold six or seven rounds, so no orgasm-producing 30 or 50 round high-capacity mags available.
@13: please describe the scenario in which the same attack, using fully automatic Kalashnikovs, occurring at an American concert venue, let's say The Showbox, would have been thwarted by having outlawed those (or any other guns) and declaring the whole city (or country) a gun free zone.
This is the stupidest post Dan has done in quite awhile, showing once again my anti-gun friends love nothing more than useless, feel-good symbolic bullshit.

I think the irony of #7's post went over most people's heads here.
Kalashnikovs are available whatever the gun laws of France are because they are easily smuggled out of eastern Europe and sold to criminals/terrorists. Arming a few kids in a concert hall with handguns would not have prevented the assault because they would have been seriously outgunned by the automatic rifles. And the terrorists were in control before anyone really realized what was happening. And even if half the people in the restaurants where there were drive-by shootings had been armed, they would still have been mowed down by the sudden attack. The horrible fact is, there are far more people killed in suicides, gun accidents, and murders in the US than there are people whose lives are saved by the availability of a weapon. France will have far fewer gun deaths this year, even with the death toll in this terrorist attack, than they would have had if they had the same gun death statistics per capita that we have every year.
@28: Oh, you mean #7's sheer stupidity? Nope, we got that, loud and clear. Irony would imply actual subtlety and a bit of satire; #7 is sorely lacking in either.

So what's your omniscient silver bullet? Please enlighten me.

Let's go through the list of gun-control 'solutions' that my anti-gun friends love to pimp and you tell me how well they worked in Paris.

It's on you now. Which of your 'solutions' would have prevented this?
Sad that American right-wingers will use any tragedy to yell "more guns ! more guns !".

No French people I know has even thought of having more guns around in civilian hands as something that would have prevented the massacre. Apart intelligence and arrest before the crimes, there is no way to thwart a terrorist act underways, but dedicated specialized cop units.

Let's speak of 9-11 : did your country having more guns per capita stop the attacks ? Let's speak of your daily mass murders, let's speak of your homegrown terrorists, let's speak of your children murdered in their schools.

If you find it distasteful that a foreigner uses 9/11 and SandyHook, years after those atrocities, to school you on the many failings of your ultraviolent gun-addicted society -- maybe you can grasp how distasteful your own comments on France's society and gun laws are, three days into our sorrow and mourning.

Everybody everywhere is fed from birth with how exceptional their own country is. It takes being right-wing to believe it. It takes being right-wing to exploit a foreign tragedy to criticize that foreign society and to exploit it into making political gains. Have some decency.
Crap, I don't want them knowing where I live. Having my email address is one thing; I don't want my postal carrier to think ill of me.
It's kind of a shame to melt that gun down, the Henry .30-30 is a really nice little rifle, great for hunting in forests and scrub land. Melt down all the AR15s or 9mm pistols you can find but this is actually one of those guns that make sense to own.
@5: If you are registered to vote, they already have your address. Knowing who voters are is part of preventing vote fraud.
@34: I know, right? Fine for blacktail here in western Washington, or if you have space, some chickens and a coyote problem...I bet that gold glitter paint and the filthy GOP signatures would come right off with some carb cleaner and a little elbow grease.
@ #19 Ph'nglui - I dunno, the glitter Barbie pen may also have santorum on it ...

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