good work, well-regulated militia. glad no one got killed.
I don't think a well regulated militia was involved, I think it was criminals with guns.
Gang unit investigating, but let's find a way to blame rural gun owners.
Could you guys be more predictable around here?
You think AK-47's are legal in Belgium or France?

Hate to break it to you, but criminals don't follow the law.
@ 2 This is the 2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

So do you now see what @1 did there?
@3 what are doing here at this hour - shouldn't you be at church or yelling at foreigners or something?
I'm confused, I think the local Lefties around here DO consider street gangs to be a "well regulated militia".
@4: Yes, @1 cleverly got things off to a yet another politiciized gun debate thread. You salivate for these things don't you Max?

BTW, I could be wrong, but I don't think that most members of Seattle's gangs bother with becoming members of the NRA.
This is hot on the heels of Savage's piece about the youth detention center, too.

I really don't care for American gun culture, but this weird impulse to antagonize the political opposition instead of being infuriated with the violent perpetrators is hard to understand.

@9: I'd rather they heal well, get the support they need, are prosecuted for their crimes expediently and fairly, make life changes, get educated, get jobs, start businesses, invest, and vote for the candidate that best serves their needs as taxpayers.
Would you feel that way if you, or a loved one, caught a stray bullet?
What about the poor folks working in that store? Would you feel that way if you lost an eye while working a bad shift for relatively low pay? All forgiven then?

Kroger won't even allow them to carry pepper spray, even though somebody at the other QFC used it to defend himself against an attack. He was suspended(!) and lost several shifts worth of pay. Pathetic.
@12: It's silly for you to deduce that. Hoping for a change in the perperpetrstors' lives does not negate empathy and feelings of outrage for the suffering of their victims.
Well, I'm just glad this wasn't a sexist shooting! I guess we can be thankful for some progress.
The occasional murderous rampage is the price we must pay for our liberty.

Freedom isn't free.
Meanwhile, former Ballard High student given 30 years for killing a Greenwood man for his cell phone. Yep, keep it coming with the "Murca/NRA" bashing nonsense.

"A King County Superior Court judge sentenced a 19-year-old Seattle man to 28½ years in prison Monday for killing a man over his cellphone in the parking lot of a Greenwood pet store in February 2014.

“I’ll be back in an hour” were the last words 54-year-old David L. Peterson said to his wife of 22 years as he headed out on his nightly walk around their Greenwood neighborhood on Feb. 23, 2014, Kimberly Peterson told Judge James Cayce before the judge issued the stiffest punishment he could."…
I'm with #9 for sure in supporting our white troops.
Wow, there is a mind boggling level of stupid in this thread.
Then again I quit reading the comments after @6, so apologies to anyone after that who didn't write something stupid.
Blimey, is it the competitive shitposting quarterfinals already?
Chances are, the perp(s) are getting some taxpayer funded benefits as we speak, and if the cops are lucky enough to catch them (there's a police station a few blocks from the QFC), then we can also look forward to an expensive trial and prison sentence.

We can all feel good about that. When we're done talking about corporate welfare, maybe we can talk about the fact that we subsidize crime by paying idiots like this to exist?
There's a 100% chance that the perpetrators of this crime would not vote at all.
You think we could ban some of the out-and-out white supremacists around here? Free and open discussion is great, but these guys are starting to clog the comments.
@24 hang tight - I just spoke to their mothers, who agreed that it's high time they moved out and got a job.
Mom won't let me leave the house anymore.
The cats need constant care, there are 5 of them named after her boyfriends from the 60's; all non-white IF you must know.

It's hard for me to be on my feet for 8 hours, in any case.

The district kommissar had me hobbled to make room for "less privileged" applicants at the local widget firm, but they still take a cut of my welfare to give to my ex. I'm hoping if I agree to be voluntarily blinded after attending mandatory equality classes, I'll be allowed to get a job sweeping up outside Amazon or maybe if I'm lucky, writing Stranger reviews if I can clean up my grammar.

I take a little solace in posting here. Please don't take that from me!
@24: +1. If I wanted to read Stormfront, I'd read Stormfront.
Lemme guess....
@24 - Slog has been dying a slow death of late. Sad when you see what it's become...

We're still getting the Friday Police Report cartoon.
Slog is getting a little better. The content flow is picking up, Matt Baume is picking up politically where Paul Constant left off, Spike Friedman is fun to read even if you are not macho enough to understand football, Jen Graves is still great -- and at least there are no more of those tragically awful sponsored content pieces on the weekends.
i cant believe the rainbow crosswalks didn't stop the mistreated & misunderstood youth from expressing their frustration with society in such a disruptive way.
This is one of the most racist comment threads I've read on Slog in years and it doesn't even include Matt in Denver.
@30: I love the new advertisements on here that are telling me I can get the "Best of Slog" delivered right to my email.

So now I can get Mudede's latest bizarre rant about racist gum, a bunch of troll comments, reviews of bands no one cares about, and a boring review of the newest Vietnamese/Honduran fusion grill that will be gone in three months. Oh boy.
How is that Urbanist neighborhood transformation thing working out?
@2: criminal, well-regulated militia member, who can tell the difference just by looking? oh, right, bigots can.

@3: are you saying urbanites can't be in the militia? the definition is basically "any fucknut with a gun and no criminal record". so I have no evidence that this fellow wasn't an upstanding member up till the time he shot 4 people. in fact, it would be prejudicial of me to assume anything but.

@7: you don't have to be in the NRA to be in the militia.

every gun thread is political, gun humpers.
@37: what the FUCK are you talking about? this is in the center of Capitol Hill, Broadway and Pike, and has been "transformed" for 30 years. there were likely about 1000 people within a block radius of this shooting. get out more.
@39 30 years? How would you know? You aren't over 30.
@38 - So you're using militia as a straw-group argument?
@35, racist? Like that's the only thing wrong with this thread. More like "so much stupid the smart comments almost feel like they don't exist" or "so stupid it almost trivializes the racism."
@40: right, I'm not over 30.

you tell me then, what was broadway and pike before it began "transforming" into an "Urbanist neighborhood"? verdant pastures and hay fields?

Neighbors has been open on that corner since 19 fucking 83.
@42: I doubt it as well, but that's not the point. the well-regulated militia is the rationale for the 2nd clause of the 2nd Am, and it is obviously poorly-regulated. this dipshit and his guns fever is just another example. all guns start out legal and in the hands of the militia, so one of your ilk didn't do a very good of self-regulation, did he?

and I didn't lie. I have no way of know if he was in the law-abiding club or not until he's caught. I'm presuming his innocence. Aren't you, or do you hate the American Justice system?

@43 DC v Heller is not the end of the story. it is the 1st ruling that affirmed an individual right, and runs counter to several previous rulings. I want regulation. I want you hoplophiliacs marching your super-patriot asses up and down a parade ground every weekend to maintain your access to The Precious.
I've never liked that QFC. It has too many nooks and crannies, which attracts sketchy people. They should close off the corner entrance and put a really boring storefront there - insurance sales or something - and get rid of the steps to the upper level parking garage. Get rid of one of the storefronts on Pike, and make that the main entrance - funnel everyone through there and close that west entrance.

On the top level, it should be very expensive pay-to-park with gates, and get rid of that creepy staircase on the west side. The stores could offer parking validation.
Do not mess with Kathleen Richards
wtf is going on? Lose SB and two or three fuckwits spring up in his place.
Upside down venomlash @20, you win the thread. Don't take it as an insult that many of the other comments were puerile( hi Ricardo), cause that was funny.

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