Eve Peyser shares some sex tips for people who've just eaten an entire Thanksgiving dinner:

If you're horny after your Thanksgiving feast, Ian Kerner, psychotherapist and author of She Comes First, has some suggestions for you. Kerner told Mic that you should lie in a comfortable position with your partner, "like side by side, where you can relax, get your breathing in sync, stare into each other's eyes instead of at each other's bodies, and go for slow lovemaking."

There is a major benefit to slow, lazy sex: It won't wake up your parents. "This could be a good opportunity for some really quiet sex," Kerner told Mic. That said, there are some caveats. Kerner advised against drinking too much wine at dinner, as that "will depress your nervous system," which can cause diminished sexual response. So maybe lay off the wine and pick up a joint instead.

I'm biased, of course, but I still think this is the single best Thanksgiving sex tip—as well as the single best Valentine's Day sex tip, wedding day sex tip, wedding anniversary sex tip, birthday sex tip, etc:


Fuck first, people, before you sit down to eat your Thanksiving dinner. (Get your very own "FUCK FIRST" mug right here.)