Fourth quarter curse broken!
Great to get that win, since the Vikings and Cardinals games are likely losses (as it appears right now), and winning the rest of their games this year the Seahawks likely still get in at 9-7. If they can make 10-6, their odds of getting in are pretty huge.
On a side note: The Seahawks gave up 490 yards passing. WTF? How did that happen???

Glad Gronk is ok, I was declaring the Pats dead last night, but if he comes back in a couple weeks, and we get any of Lewis, Amendola, LaFell, or Edelman back for the playoffs, I think we'll be ok to make a good run in them. I think we have what it takes to lose to the Panthers in the Super Bowl.
Statistically speaking, that game WAS, not 'one of', Russell Wilson's greatest game played in the NFL.
Spike, you've got to be excited that Luke Willson will be our go-to Tight End again.

@2: I'd give them a good chance to beat AZ on the last day - the Cards won't have much to play for. Still, 9-7 sounds realistic, and it also sounds like sitting home in the Wild Card.
@4: depends on a lot, but it might be the difference between 2 and 3 seeds. Too soon to tell though.
I love that the first play after Graham left the field with an injury was a pass to Luke Willson for 12 yards up the middle.

And once again the Hawks are peaking at the right time. I fully expect them to win at least 4 of their last 5 games, maybe even sneaking into the #5 spot to play the hapless winner of the East in Round 1. There's a reason Vegas now has Seattle at 6-1 to make the Super Bowl.
@ 2, "I think we have what it takes to lose to the Panthers in the Super Bowl." A+
@7: Thanks. I'm actually really hoping that's the scenario that pans out, because it will make so many stuffy people's heads explode if Cam Newton wins the Super Bowl, and if the Pats make it to the big game, that puts a damper on that whole "oh, Brady's a cheater" thing (though he probably is =P)
You're the best sports writer in the city, although what do I know since I have no sports knowledge at all. But at least you're a writer, which the others aren't.

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