I admit I didn't see that outcome - I thought they'd lose. The Vikings look like they're going to fall out of the wild card entirely.
Unfortunately, Minnesota was being whooped so bad, the local network started showing the Chicago/49ers game instead. That one may have been two ineffectual toddlers morons slap-fighting each other, but at least it was a close game.

I would like to ask Minnesota's coaching staff though, why they thought it was a good idea to put the game in Bridgewater's hand rather than Adrian Peterson's. Peterson only had nine rushing attempts. Pretty bad idea, if you ask me.
@2: because they were down 14-0 and couldn't stop our offense.
@3: You don't abandon your game plan when you are only down two scores early in a game. Well, unless you want to get stomped.

And if they could not stop Seattle's offense, that is even more of a reason to run the ball, to avoid quick three and outs, and keep Seattle's offense off the field.
@2,@4---Peterson wasn't having much success running the football when he had his opportunities.
Two weeks ago I was in Southcenter mall and seemed to be the only guy wearing Seahawks gear (the fleece I bought back in the Dennis Erikson days)

More people were wearing Niners gear!

Wonder which way the wind blows today. People here are so fickle.

@2, My thought is that the Vikes were going with Conventional Wisdom, in that you emphasize the passing game when down by 10+ points. Obviously, there are flaws to that thinking, and it's to the Hawks credit that Carrol doesn't think like that, but that is how most of the NFL plays.

Spike, there was a key personnel shift that went unnoticed, but has been huge: benching (and finally releasing) CB Cary Williams, and bringing in Shead. Williams was a millstone, despite his experience, and the first half of the season, teams could pass at us at will. Also, Earl Thomas (PBUH) took a while to recover from his injury. He could play, but he wasn't the ET of old. That is finally coming back.
@3, @5: They showed a stat demonstrating that AP's yards/carry is 7.9 in the 4th quarter. That's pretty relevant, though by that point I think they just wanted to limp to their homes without further injury.

@6: Bullshit. Not buying it.
@2: I just don't know what Robbie Gould's deal is. He's one of the ten most accurate kickers in league history, but he's missed five (all makeable) on the year. Maybe it's issues with the long-snapper; Patrick Mannelly retired, and they've had trouble filling his spot. Hopefully we don't have to go shopping for a new kicker too...
Honestly, special teams has been an embarrassment all year for us.
Really you have to look at how much time is left in the game before you abandon the run. Down two TDs with five minutes left in the game, yeah, you have to abandon the run. Down two TDs in the first quarter, there is no need to abandon your game plan. You can't just make yourself one dimensional and expect the win a NFL game, despite not having early success.

@9: That may have been one of the worst missed kicks I have ever seen. I think my Skins are heading to Chicago next week to take on da Bears. They pissed away a winnable game to Dallas last night, so now have to really fight to maintain a hold on the NFCE. They have been really bad on the road though.

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