How many B words in which book?
Remember when people used to be ashamed of even thinking the thoughts they're spouting on national TV?
Jeebuz, these clowns are starting make shrub sound like a fucking Rhodes Scholar in comparison...
6:05 pm: Rubio calls for countering terror "frontally."

6:06 pm: Rubio apologizes, saying he briefly choked on a cough drop and wasn't able to fully say what he intended to say. He stressed, "What I meant to say was that we need to counter terror fully, frontally and nude. Can you imagine what Daesh would do if confronted with a horde of nude Republicans, led by a nude Jeb, a nude Ted, a nude Ben, a nude Chris, a nude Lindsey, a nude Mike, a nude John, a nude Rand, a nude Carly, a nude -- of course -- me and, most powerful of all, a nude Donald? They would shit their sandals and explode. Like, pretty much immediately. Once your eyes have witnessed a sight like that, no virgins for you."
Best part: Kasich constantly waving his semaphore arms every time he talks. If I had a drink for every time he did that......
Republicans are horrible people. And that Carly Fiorina is especially horrible. She's horrible with a maraschino cherry and sprinkles on top.
@7, well....not ALL Republicans.
Reading through the comments two hours after the debate is clearly the better way to be exposed to this fiasco. I look forward to Mr Baume's takedown - as well as Savage's, Sanders', etc - tomorrow, once they've recovered a bit from the hangover.
@7, if they're not horrible, they're not a Republican.
A nude Chris Christie. Thanks for that mind's eye nightmare @4.
The under card was even more bizarre down right old testament.

Someone keep an eye on Graham, he wants to kill.
Reluctant Hillary Clinton supporters, are reluctantly becoming a little less reluctant.
10) I'd watch the heck out of a film loop of a nude Chris Christie running towards me over broken terrain in slo-mo. It'd be better than a lava lamp!
Your wish is my command. I made up a word cloud of most of the candidates from last night's debate. Check it out here: Republican word cloud.

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