Debora—D-E-B-O-R-A—Juarez. Courtesy of Debora Juarez

In what is not even the first awkward misstep involving Mayor Ed Murray and Council Member-Elect Debora Juarez, Murray's staff sent out a press release today misspelling Juarez's first name. The release was promoting plans for the mayor and someone named "Debra Juarez" to "visit [the] North Helpline food bank to thank volunteers and to help clients" tomorrow. The mayor's office quickly sent a correction.


Maybe this is a subtle Ron Swanson power play to keep Juarez from getting too close? Or perhaps whoever wrote the release was confused by this eyeball-burning invitation the city council sent out to council member inaugurations?


Or maybe in the face of a late afternoon when no one is paying any attention to city hall business, everyone over there has just said "fuck it." I don't blame them.