This post reminded me why I've never used twitter
Is that how teens write these days? Is it a code where they think in another language then translate it to English?

What you should do Christopher, is refuse to download the app. All social media sites work perfectly fine through the browser (and in the cases of Yahoo Mail and Facebook: they work MUCH BETTER without the apps!).
Sometimes I think the Amish have the right idea, eschewing anything post-18th century.

Apart from that puppy farm thing, which is super-epic evil.
Or a reason to use an alternative Twitter client like Tweetbot 4 or Twitterrific. None of the ad or moments craziness that Twitter is so keen to push.
Control your Twitter.
I remember Twitter.
What we really need is an app to keep these damn kids with their twitters and snapchats off our damn lawns!

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