They are terrorists and should be treated as such as well as any copycats. Didn't they send out tweets asking for snacks and water?!? What sort of survivalists are these assholes?
Come on, these are Basin and Range 4WD truck-driving Survivalists. They probably came with generators, lanterns, stoves, fuel, warm clothing, water, firewood, and survival rations. Probably even solar panels.

I would have.
They should also intercept their mail and eat their snacks! Snap into a Slim Jim!
thought this was an interesting perspective on the oregon standoff:…
Why the FUCK hasn't it been cut already?
@4: I believe they did come with some supplies, but since they've asked their supporters to send them socks and snacks one might venture that they are not as prepared as they thought they were. Certainly not to withstand a siege of up to two years as they claimed.
@9: socks and snacks are always appreciated, even if they're not needed.
#8 Odd how you don't call the white guys THUGS, who are illegally occupying a government site and waving guns at law enforcement.

Oh and terrorizing the locals, forcing school shutdowns, etc.

Odd, odd, odd how you don't call thugs, the gun wavers who help some rancher steal a million bucks in our government money.

(Think how many ds could be fed by that money stolen from we the people.)

Odd, odd, odd.

(Your racist slip is showing, dear.)
The set precedent is "free, time-limited vacation properties available, c/o US Federal Government . . . must be white, avowed Christian and armed to the teeth."
Y'all qaeda, Vanilla Isis... all kidding aside I can understand why Obama is being very conservative with these assholes as he does not want a "Waco" on his watch. IMHO his non reaction is a result of not wanting to be perceived as the angry black man who killed a bunch of white men.
@8, Well, about the Move house (neighborhood) bombing. Is it OK for cops to kill 11 people and burn down a neighborhood in retaliation for killing a cop, when the killer and his 8 accomplices were already in prison? I would argue no.…

Couldn't find any info on anything being burned down by the protesters. Would you mind citing a reference? I mean that without snark. I did find reports of burning a flag. Overall, the protests appeared to be extremely peaceful given how big they were.

About the "kill the cops" chants. It was a small group of protesters who chanted that for a minute and were subsequently disavowed by the leaders of the movement. I agree that that behavior is wrong and disrespectful (although probably still protected speech).…
Crap. Gone.
@12, yeah "thug" is code dontcha know? And If you think they're all thugs, from 12 year old boys up to old men with canes, it's a lot easier to justify shooting 'em.
Sorry, here's the link about the fabled "dead cops" chant.…
Cut off their power (likely generated at government-funded dams and delivered by government-funded rural electrification) and stop delivery of snacks and supplies by the USPS. Let them pick themselves up by their own bootstraps.
The MOVE bombing was the culmination of a 13 year standoff with the city of Philadelphia. (The commune was established in 1972, the cop was killed in 1978, the bombing happened in 1985). Waco lasted 51 days before it ended in it's own armageddon. Wounded Knee took three months (much of it without electricity in the cold South Dakota winter) Ruby Ridge only took a few days. Jonestown took over a year. There's really no timeline for these things.

@14" all kidding aside I can understand why Obama is being very conservative with these assholes as he does not want a "Waco" on his watch."

This isn't Obama's call, and he is way above the chain of command who is in charge of the Law Enforcement Response. This is the FBI's call, and they are in command of this. The FBI has learn to let them sit out, especially after the Waco situation..

This isn't going to last long is my opinion. These terrorists are not from the area, Ammon Bundy has not been to Oregon before the Burns protest march and the take over of the Wildlife Refuge buildings. It is cold, truck can only carry so much. Living in dirty clothes, no wood around to burn, and the fuel would run out of their generators in no time, it is going to have them end with them meekly leaving in the middle of the night..

I have been in the area, Burns is a tiny town to start with, and this is around 23-25 miles outside of the town. I am guessing people of Harney County want them out before spring when the hotels and motels are booked for fishing..
No sympathy, cut off their water, electricity, gas, propane, telephone, roads to bring in supplies of any kind. They think they're such big men, let them figure it out for themselves & deal with the consequences. Pathetic.
Can't we set up some sort of extremist cultural exchange with ISIS? We send the folks ioccupying the refuge over to Raqqa to see what real war is like And they send a few folks over here to see life in bumfuck nowhere 'Merica.

Also, blast, I dunno, some really insipid music (The Captain & Tennille springs to mind) at them full-volume 24 hours a day, just for good measure.
Remember 'outside agitators'?
Snacks and socks? Would the USPS deliver supplies to attention seeking domestic terrorists, however inept and stupid? I know mailmen and women can't stop delivering mail because of weather, but surely they're not required to risk being shot or taken hostage by gun toting short-dick-morons! (sorry sloggers, for some reason I keep hearing that song whenever I read about these people. Best rendition I ever heard was at Fort Carson, sung by a gay 17 y.o. with the greatest voice evarrr! Good times!)
@6: Thank you for the link, that provided new insight I didn't have before. Unfortunate that this was how they chose to react to something most of us agree on (assuming it's not just a pretense, which I suspect it is).
You know, I have not seen a report of anyone actually threatening violence or pointing guns at anyone.

Doesn't that make this more of a protest where the people happen to have guns with them because they are gun people? Not that it is not still illegal trespassing (I would imagine), but until someone is hurt or an actual direct threat of violence is made, it is not really anything close to terrorism, is it?
count on the govt to solve all the problems it causes.

L O L like dick cheney
@14 It is more likely that the feds don't want to give Bundy and his pals what they want: a direct confrontation with the federal government to spark some kind of mobilization among anti-government extremists.
@23 Great idea, something really horrific, cringe worthy that they'll hear in their sleep for the rest of their lives โ˜บ
@23 - I'm disinclined to rely on their good taste.

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