Whoa. Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept reports that Al Jazeera America (AJAM) will announce today the termination of all of its news and digital operations as of April 2016. Greenwald called the company a "towering failure" from the start.

AJAM began when Al Jazeera purchased Current TV in late 2012 from founder Al Gore for $500 million, and the channel launched six months later. From the start, the project was beset with massive failures, from bitter internal strife and employee discrimination lawsuits to minuscule ratings and distribution failures. AJAM and Gore ended up in a protracted, embittered lawsuit with one another. Ratings were so low as to be almost unquantifiable; even by 2015, the network was averaging a tiny 30,000 viewers in prime-time and at some points had literally a zero rating in the key 25-54 demographic.

This is horrible news for hundreds of journalists. However, Greenwald says this isn't the end of Al Jazeera in the United States, as the network plans to re-launch Al Jazeera English.