Wow that lady's really pluggin' away with her podcast, huh?
@1, yeah. Blechh
Not gonna do it
when straight men don't comment, there are no comments.
Dan, while it is important to NOT send your used dildoes to the Bundy Militia, c/o Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 36391 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR, 97721, it is important in this time of global warming to not wash the dildos you are not sending to the Bundy Militia, c/o Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 36391 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR, 97721. I am not sure how much CO2 emissions are caused by washing dildoes you are not sending to the Bundy Militia, c/o Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 36391 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR, 97721, but lets be safe for our environment.
Enough with the used Dildoes already.
Cheeky advertizing.
Are you coming out as bi, here now, Max?
"Considering that we routinely reuse actual cocks that have been enjoyed by others—so why not the fake ones?"
Well, maybe because we expect that the owners of real cocks wash them every single day, whether they've been inserted anywhere or not?
Oh come on. The owners of real cocks also produce grossness every single day, dildoes don't. Also, not every guy showers every day so...
"Sodhouse", ehhhh?
Yes, the fact the charity accepted your donation graciously does not mean they were grateful to get it. I run a huge charity auction every year and cannot believe the garbage people "donate" -- all of which, including used pet beds with encrusted dog poop on them (last year's winner for worst donation), is accepted with gratitude and grace, and then quietly sold in a garage sale or tossed in the trash (your used dildos went in the trash, just so you know -- so did those pet beds).

If you really cared about The Aliveness Project, DTGST, you'd buy them a new fucking dildo already.
I'd have my husband sterilize his cock if it was possible. And yes, plenty of people get squicked out at the idea of an poorly maintained cock (or veejay). Plenty of people get squicked out when the veejay or cock has been around a lot.

But while we must accept a gently used cock or veejay, we insist on condoms to reduce transmission until we decide to fluid bond, which is after everyone generally has been all cleared.

We don't do the same thing for sex toys - test them and then decide to fluid bond with them. And we don't have to!!!! We can just REPLACE them. I can't replace my veejay or my husband's luvy duvy hotdog (without replacing the husband).

And two, yeah, great plug. I assume DS has listened to it and its good. Oddly I don't mind him plugging Mistress Matisse and others when they are unique and different, but not seeing anything really unique and different from LW2.
My podcast about sex and dating: LIVIN' AND LOVIN' IN NYC.
Available at iTunes.

You know, most of us don't....

Living or Love in NYC.
May not make sense but making out with someone feels totally different than using their toothbrush as well.
@9. Wish there were several non showering everyday males in my place.
Tank water, and often two showers a day sons.. Troublesome combination.
So just to clarify, we absolutely should not send dildos to
Bundy Militia, c/o Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
36391 Sodhouse Lane
Princeton, OR, 97721
, right? Got it.
@11: Yes, "the Project was grateful to get them" was absolute politeness, they probably went immediately into the circular file. They don't know the conditions of your body, and it's not going to someone else.

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