Yep, that's about the most Seattle review of a massive waste of tax dollars as I've ever read. It's pretty!
I prefer my transit to be effective, not aesthetically pleasing. You can walk from end of this line to the other in the same amount of time as a ride during rush hour. What a colossal waste of time and money.
Rail needs to have a dedicated right of way, and the ability to control intersection traffic signals if the rail cars are on the same grade as vehicle traffic, to be effective, otherwise it's just a line of attached buses with steel wheels. The cute factor will wear off soon enough.
haha, what do you mean the car is the lowest? How the hell do you think the economy keeps churning? Mass transportation is an invaluable asset and blends well with other forms, however, if you were to abolish cars, you would starve. The economy would collapse. Few would be able to get around for commerce or work. So when you consider the lowly car, think again.

What we would agree on is that cars need to be clean. But we differ on their value.
Slow but aesthetically pleasing is exactly what I want in my transportation.
Yeah, I found that it cut off 10 minutes from my (somewhat brisk) walk from the Capitol Hill terminal to my work at 5th & Jackson the morning, riding at about 8am.

It did not make up for the 15 minutes I spent waiting for it.
About that "buses are too bumpy" comment - the ride I took on the streetcar was extremely jumpy. It was also SRO, which meant that there were a lot of standing people getting jostled around (including me). Now, I don't really care that much, and I'm sure that conductors will get used to driving the streetcar with passengers (reducing the jostle), and the number of riders during non-peak times will dwindle once the novelty wear off (and people have to pay). But if you're going to point out the smooth ride as a benefit of this mode of transit, I have to call BS on it.

Overall, I do like the streetcar. It's not the best use of money, it's not the best route, and it's faster to walk, but I'm glad it's finally here and I'll be using it.
bitch bitch bitch.
Now, when March 19th comes I'll be flyin'
What?! You're not going to bitch and moan about how this is an attack on cyclists and how a major hazard for them to ride their bikes now because of the rails in the street? What happened to you?
Can we please stop building these useless fucking trollies???
@4 - Please don't feed the troll. Even when he continues to make the same insipid, bs argument over and over again.
@11 FTW. This city is crying out for effective transport and we get stupid trollies, Bertha, and the snail rail to the airport. The Cap. Hill & U District link is big - hope that works out.
Sorry Charles - the Bicycle is clearly the highest form of transport - utilized all over the world. And the best fit with a socialist economy
You think that someone with a contrary opinion is a troll.
Snail rail to airport? It's actually faster if there's even light traffic on 5.

You want snail rail to the airport, talk to: Denver, Portland, Dallas...

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