Dude, if you become president you better be prepared for people's biases...
He's probably afraid that blood will start coming out of his wherever.
Megan Kelly's next contract with Fox ought to be pretty damned lucrative.
I pray for sake of our future that the majority of voters are biased against him.
Massive fuck you to Fox. Well played, The Donald.
Its much more that this displays him for the coward he is, like all bullies. "Wah wah, that awful woman is gonna ask me questions...that are like....HARD! Wah wah".

And its not like he's thought this all thru anyways. What does he really think will happen if he were to get the nomination? That the entire world's press corp is suddenly going to stop asking him questions? Nope, what will happen is that the press would do something resembling its job and dig thru his entire life, so all the crap about his pimp daddy, his shitty deals, all his bankruptcies and his disastrous marriages, all will be dragged out into the light for us to gawp and laugh at. And he wants the nomination? Really? Whatta buffoon.
This might actually be Trump's Achilles' heel - his supporters will begin to worry about his petulant pettiness as not being presidential.
Pshaw! Poppycock.
Fear of the Fox News Blonde!

A new low in lily livered cowardice.

There's some great zingers in this article. Amazingly, even FOX got a good one in.
@8: Then I suggest that the refrain 'Be afraid, be very afraid' will be far more applicable to Donald J. Trump than it ever as to George W. Bush.
I gotta say #5 has stumbled unconsciously into the truth.

Trump has diverted all the attention back to himself. Ratings for the Republican debates has been dropping. Ergo if the ratings drop continues he wins by not being there and claiming credit for the ratings drop.

In a weird way it is a brilliant piece of multi-media-political-economic performance art.

The inherent bet really isn't much of one after all who wants to watch the rest of the Republican clown car talk at this point.

Thus Trump Wins the weekend before the Iowa caucus.

She's TERRIFYING!!! Like a modern day Lola Heatherton in league with Satan. I wouldn't wanna appear on the same stage as her.
The sexual tension between Trump and Kelly is unbearable. I wish they would just screw and get it over with so that the rest of us can go on with our lives. The reality tv show of them leaving their spouses for one another will be AMAZING.
@7 & 12 - you are so much whistling past the graveyard.

First, on policy, Trump is a tabula rasa with Democratic leanings. He's pretty much an opportunistic deal-maker and nowhere near as terrifying as a plutocratic and theocratic stalking horse like Cruz (nobody reminds me so much of Alexander Hamilton - I cannot fathom how this is the stuff of a hit musical - don't you people realize the Federalist Society view originates with Hamilton, and it's no accident the Kochs fully support it?).

Second, on Megyn: she's a complete side-show excuse. Trump is denying Cruz another opportunity to take swipes at him. Ted knows this - Ted was on the radio just hours later offering for a one-on-one. Trump's no fool...he's not going to lend Cruz the spotlght or platform on which to take swipes at Trump. And Cruz is the only guy who's managed to land a few solid, real blows.

Trump crushed Kelly in their last dustup; Faux has completely lost control of the retrograde reactionary misogynist mob they've been whipping up into a frenzy since '96. Trump's "blood" comment nailed her squarely (with the pool of voters who might ostensibly favor either Trump or Faux).

In any event: the GOP civil war is now fully, nakedly out in the open, with the centrists terrified of the negative coattails of these two monsters. It is just so much fun to watch those wedge issues flip around and get rammed right back up your asses, splitting you in two, as your miserable, nasty, hate-based party rips itself apart. I think I need to send a little thank you card to that worm Karl Rove, who channelled Nixon and Atwater back from the grave, and stirred the vitriol so well from '99 through '05.

@15 - right on.
I'd hate to say it but the Trump supporters love this shit when he does it. It show's no one tells him what to do and that he calls the shots.

I bet he picks up three or four more points in the next poll.
@18 - The Corporate Plutocracy that rules over us today and has slowly crushed our economic mobility and political franchise IS the vision dreamt up by Alexander Hamilton: Government as a privately-operated for-profit franchise; taxes are not optional (as purchases are in a free market) but all revenue streams are all privatized for the benefit of an Economic (Financial) Aristocracy. He saw very clearly that the hegemony of agriculture was fading fast. Jefferson was a fool and no match. Jackson's Bank War was the last attempt to kill off Hamilton's vision, and it was misguided.
@20 Do you know of a good book on Hamilton?

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