Hillary and the Bimbo Vote

There are many reasons I will never vote for neocon, Hillary Clinton: her support for Obama's war on whistleblowers (Cate Jenkins, John Kiriakou, Jeffrey Sterling, Barrett Brown, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Carmen Segarra, et al.), her support for private prisons --- dating from her support for Bill's Omnibus Crime Bill, her involvement in the overthrow of President Zelaya of Honduras --- and when those Honduran kids would predictably stream across the border several years later, they would be held at prison camps run by the Geo Group, a major donor to Hillary, her support for the offshoring of American jobs and replacing American workers with foreign visa workers (Tata Consultancy of India was a major donor to her when she was a senator), her help in creating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc. --- but when I have explained this to women over the age of 45 their eyes glaze over --- but when I mention that during the Clinton Administration it was forbidden for their people to publicly utter the phrase, "corporate welfare" --- they begin to pay attention!

Reminds me of a brief discussion I had a few years back with a woman in her 70s who nonsensically believed that Bernie Madoff's wife was a victim?

Even though I explained that if plenty of us realized he was running a scam, there was no way his two sons and wife couldn't know as well, but since they were profiting nicely from it, they kept quiet --- she refused to believe me.

Several weeks later Mrs. Madoff was caught illegaly attempting to offshore their court-frozen assets, and then she too was put on house arrest, with Bernie, and restricted from telephone and computer usage.

A typical bimbo . . . .

But I most certainly do believe a woman should be president in 2016.

Swanson provided mixed flavor Shasta for those gathered in support of America taking a Trump? He better pray that fact never reaches The Donald; he'd disown them all on the spot for offering that commie swill.
Are you sure he's actually "studying computer science", as in, in the major? He's 18, meaning the only way he is actually in the major is if he were granted direct admission -- which is rare. He may be intending to major in computer science, but unless he's actually in the major I wouldn't use the words "studying computer science".
3.6 million people in the Seattle metro area and a "rally" with less than 100 people is considered "news." This is the very definition of a "slow news day" story.

Earlier today I saw a person kicking a can down Aurora Ave North; might be a good time for a photo op and a Stranger expose on people littering in Seattle.
FYI, I've never littered in my entire pristine life.

And two more reasons not to vote Hillary:……

#3, I don't think direct admission to CS at the UW is all that rare. In fact, it seems there are so many that there is a seminar, CSE190b, held annually just to provide orientation for all of them.
There are UW students who support Trump? What are they - legacy admissions? Did their grandparents donate a library or something?
Looks like these Trump kids did a good job trolling the UW and The Stranger.

From the article: "There are body counts, literally, attached to Trump rhetoric."

Trump is now backing single payer though wants to call it something else like Trump Care.
Be careful, you'll learn to love Trump.
Trump is very Tricky.
@7/8 - That's not the story. The story is young minds at the UW are debating the 2016 race with great vigor!
Trump is here to split the Republican ticket. He is likely in the employ of the Democratic Party.
How much OT did the cops log for this non-event?
I was the person quickly booed off stage because the questions being asked were basically non-questions, such as "Who is Trump going to deport next???" My answer was "Bankers, most likely."
This was the ultimate in non-serious. Hell, the organizers preferred Rand Paul to Trump. What a sham.
@3 is correct: have to be Running Start with 60 credits to even do that and you need a 3.8 GPA
#19, those prerequisites are not listed here.…
@1 -- The last time a significant portion of the population voted for a Green Party candidate for president it didn't work out that well. Or have you forgotten how Bush even got elected?
@12.......Trump supporters going around beating people up.....Do you mean like BLM supporters going around disrupting other peoples speeches?
@21 More Dems voted for Bush than for Nader in Florida. Can't hang this on Nader, altho every freakin' Dembot in history seems to get on the internet and spread this misinfo.…
"In a 2004 article Tony Schinella broke down a lot of polling numbers ... pointed out that more registered Democrats voted for Bush than voted for Nader..."
There's something about those, and all the other, Trump supporters I've seen photos of. Some sort of pure, snow-like thing I just can't put my finger on. I'll have to set my plate of unsalted crackers aside to ponder this some more.
a lot about naught
Of course this is news, both the fact that the rally was held and the fact that so few supporters, especially student supporters appeared.

It's basically a hate rally, because that's what the Trump campaign is about. If a frat has a Klan-themed party, it gets reported, and so should this.
26....So why don't you report it. I don't know if the UW has and honor code with an active committee but if they do maybe the Trump supporters can be expelled.

Rather, why don't you edit it for the Stranger's?

A ridiculous question to ask you, but certainly no match for your foolishness.
In this bastion of liberalisim and communism what do you expect.
@8, 12: Yeah, those four nerdy college kids look really dangerous. Maybe you should report them to the cops for monitoring. They look like they could go on a murder spree any second now, because they support Trump. Hell, they probably have at least 20,000 or so corpses in the basement already.

They disagree with you, so they must be murderous psychos. Get a grip.

Are you supporting or considering supporting Trump for president?
Theodore dear, calm yourself - you're distraught. I did not at all imply that the students were dangerous. Just not very bright. It's a state university, it happens.
@31: No.

@32: Was supposed to be directed at 9 and 12, not your comment @8. But they certainly are not very bright if they think this would have gone any other way based on the venue. It honestly looks more like elaborate trolling on their parts, but who can tell any more?
This maybe some of the worse reporting on the election so far. And being worse than Matt takes a real talent.


He was 10 when Obama was first elected. What could he possibly know?
@23, Linda J --- thanks for explaining it to that knowledge-challenged moron, I am so sick and tired of repeating myself thousands of times over because these halfwits cannot read or do simple arithmetic.
And to Baume and the other law-challenged halfwits (like the Harvard Law Review --- how could they possibly be wrong, they're Harvard!!!!!!) - - the legality question concerning whether Ted Cruz is a citizen --- Was his mother a legal American citizen at the time of his birth?

That's the actual question --- and the answer is that she was a declared Canadian citizen, and a voting citizen of Canada, and at that time the USA did not recognize dual citizenship. (All the other examples were American citizens who happened to be in a foreign country when they had a child, but were not practicing citizens of that foreign country --- major legal difference.)

Thank you, you misogynistic fullwit.
@40: *fuckwit
William, nice American Flag suit.

Made in China.…

Sorry. Fingers must have slipped on the keyboard.
This is not newsworthy.
Why do so many Leftists and so-called 'Liberals' have to be so fucking rude. Do you see gangs people showing up at Bernie's or Hillary's rallies to protest? No, you don't.

NEWSFLASH GENIUSES: Someone is giving Billion$$$ to countries that execute gay men for simply being gay; usually by hanging them or throwing them off tall buildings, often in front of cheering crowds. And who is supporting these barbaric, medieval, so-called 'relgious' regimes? HINT: It's ain't Donald Trump. It's your beloved current admin.

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