Make it stop. Please make it stop.
The odds for Trump seem pretty low. Though it's good to hear that Wall Street's buddy Hillary "Let's Start a War" Clinton pull out a victory. I've pretty much given up on Bernie at this point and will plug my nose and vote for the woman who has no problems doing what the wealthy want. I mean she's wealthy so it makes sense she'll fuck the rest of us.
The New York Times Endorses Hillary Clinton with a Banner Ad for Citigroup

Today’s digital edition of The New York Times captures the essence of the cancer eating away at our democracy: a leading newspaper is endorsing a deeply tarnished candidate for the highest office in America while a major Wall Street bank that has played a key role in her conflicted candidacy runs a banner ad as if to salute the endorsement. The slogan on Citigroup’s ad, “cash back once just isn’t enough,” perfectly epitomizes the frequency with which the Clintons have gone to the Citigroup well.
This is fabulous.
Reactance: what happens when most people read The Stranger.
@3, who/what are you quoting?
@6, Pam and Russ Martens. Click the headline link as the entire article and site are heavily researched and well-worth reading.
Maybe Cruz could also offer to refinance your mortgage. Act now! Operators are standing by.

Srsly, he should write a book on how someone with repulsive social skills and zero self-awareness became a sleazy US Senatard and preznidential candidate.
@3: It's a stupid article. Everyone knows that web ads are generally programmatically placed and are on a whole different track than authored content. To derive meanings from such juxtapositions is preposterous. Same with a mortuary ad next to an article on a mass shooting.
@ 7, uh that's the exact opposite if what happened. The oil companies and their various cronies ordered the war to steal Iraq's oil. Perhaps you didn't know that Dick Cheney worked for Halliburton?? It's the entire reason the war was cooked up for phony reasons in the first place.

And--surprise--they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
@2: I don't think that's really her nickname.
Rachel from Cardholder Services should be Cruz's VP pick.
@10 Which of the facts in this article--which you obviously didn't read--is stupid exactly?
@11: However, the oil was not stolen after the invasion.
@14: Okay, just the headline and first sentence are stupid in inferring that the NYT set the ad to be adjacent to the article.
@ 15, OK they helped cause the deaths of a million people and then extracted and exported their most valuable natural resource at far-below market value compensation. Perhaps that is specific enough to satisfy your moral void.
@17: I'm not debating the reasoning or morality of the Iraq war, I'm simply performing everyone's civic duty to chip away at conspiracy theories.
@ 18, I did, and it's just one reporter's opinion that's not backed up by facts or supported by the evidence. He even admits that Exxon gleefully made out like bandits after the war, so I don't see your point.
Just saw a copy of the mailer on Mother Jones (thanks for the link). What on earth made anyone think this was a good idea?

Yeah, with oil now down around $32 a barrel and the entire Middle East rapidly devolving into an internecine hell-hole, I imagine if anyone is left in the Exxon/Shell/Chevron/Conoco boardrooms from the GW-II era they're probably wishing they'd invested their corporate campaign dollars elsewhere.

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