I am a longtime listener/reader/general admirer of yours. Largely credit my healthy, satisfying sex life to self-acceptance stemming from your advice.

Lately, though, there's one thing that's been bothering me, and I notice it in nearly every episode of the podcast: Your go-to explanation for when someone does something shitty or even just kind of inexplicable is often that they're "crazy." Look, I'm not one of those people who wants to nitpick every colloquial expression, but I cringe every time I hear you say it. Dan, I generally think of you as such a thoughtful individual, so it baffles me to hear you telling people that the subjects of their calls and letters are crazy psycho nutbags. For folks dealing with mental health issues, including depression—which, given that millions of Americans suffer from treated and untreated depression, I have to assume makes up a stout percentage of your audience—words like these really sting!

I so admire that you're such a straight shooter, which often just means telling someone when they (or the person they're asking advice about) is just being a straight-up asshole. Maybe some of the crazy psycho nutbags are suffering from depression, or maybe they're just assholes. Either way, I think you could probably find a kinder and/or more accurate way to address them.

Emma In Denver

P.S. I tried for longer than I care to admit to come up with a clever acronym that spelled "PROZAC," but Zs are so damn hard.

The best I could come up with was...

Problematic Rhetoric Offends Zebras And Cocksuckers

...and it doesn't make much sense.

I'll try to knock it off, EID. I can't imagine I'll succeed. But I'll try.