Indeed, this is a group who might as well just give up and go home. Maybe after the realignment there will be an anti-social low tax "libertarian" (FYIGM) party without social reactionaries, but I kind of doubt it.
We can hope.
Trump: "Marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one, much-younger, immigrant third wife."
They're still bending over, Dan. On cue. Some things, some people, never, ever change. They just can't cut it out, cause, I don't know, it might grow back? Or some stupid reason. Pathetic.
The nice thing about the political left adjusting their rhetoric is that shithead log-cabiners don't get the special excuses and kudos that they used to when Dem candidates gave weak-ass defenses (if that) of gay marriage. We can move on, log cabiners can keep trying to not bother their superiors or make waves because their tax monies are more important than human rights.
And on the OTHER HAND the reason these gays are Republicans is their commitment to rapacious and cruel economic policy, and chickenhawk war mongering. So there's that.
The other definition of insanity: straight republicans.
Fuck off, Ken.
Is Caitlyn Jenner a member?
Say what, Dan. Pack up their log cabins and then go where? They no longer can survive in the big smoke. You stay there guys, just shut up.
Kasich said at the first debate that he would attend and support a same sex marriage. Sometimes people, even Republicans, do evolve.
Take your country back from whom,
Ken @ 8? If I remember, it was the White guy who took the country from the Native Indians.
We have this same purile argument in Australia. The White racists want to take the country back, and it was never theirs in the first place.
Extreme Capitalism is what is screwing your country.
"It's time to pack it in, boys." Well..
@8: Holy lol you Trump voters sure are easy marks.
"Don't pay attention to the ruling class behind the curtain, here's some racist-ass talking points for you to repeat red-faced.."
@12: She's a reality tv star / former athlete, not an establishment politician or talking head. Is she seeking office? Why should her opinion matter, anyway?
I've been toying with the possibility of the Republicans splitting into the Republican Party and the Freedom Party (because those sanctimonious chucklefucks always think they're the only ones sticking up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way). The latter would get the nutcase reactionaries and the religious conservatives, and the former could maybe go back to actual economic conservatism and adopt social moderacy. It would be a pretty good situation for the country, I think; it would give conservatives who aren't total nutbars (like Mark Kirk and John McCain) a place to go and actually vote their conscience, and with the radicals gone maybe the GOP could drop the strict demands for absolute conformity and let people side with the Democrats or the Freedumbs as they saw fit on any given vote.
Naturally, this fragmentation of the Right would give the Left a little more leeway to split a little as well. We might end up with a four-party system, with Labor and Democrats forming a leftist bloc and Republicans and Freedumbs forming a rightist bloc, with the Dems and Pubs actually able to cross the aisle more often due to the radicals having their own parties. I'd still vote D most of the time, being a moderate liberal, but I'd certainly vote for L candidates if they showed promise, and I could even vote for the occasional R secure in the knowledge that I was voting for a single reasonable candidate rather than a whole thoroughly insane party line.

Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice. We'd have a good balance of power at the national level, and the fucking Teapublicans would stop shitting up one of the two major parties and start shitting up their own little party.
(maybe Presidential tickets would end up with a D/L slate going up against a R/F slate, with the centrist parties bringing their radical wings on board by choosing THEIR front-runner as a running mate)

After your dustup with GOProud back then, the organization imploded. One of the founders, Jimmy LaSalvia (former Log Cabin director) wrote a book last year called "No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too)".

I was curious if you've ever interviewed him or even spoken to him since he gave up the GOP.
@21: They have the Kochs sponsoring the Tea Party and keeping their dad's Birch Society dream alive.
I thought the self-loathing gays were all in the closet, constantly railing against the out queers living the life they could only dream about. Being out and a member of a party that considers you less than a fucking fertilized egg is just batshit insane.
"They've been at this transform-from-the-inside shit for nearly forty fucking years and what do they have nothing to show it? Nothing. Fuck all. Squat."

I disagree. I think it the last forty years, the Grand Ol' Party has gotten much worse. I would argue that the Log Cabin Republicans can't even claim to have accomplished "nothing." The situation in the GOP would need to improve, just to get back to the level of "fuck all squat."
@26: " constantly railing against the out queers living the life they could only dream about. "

It's more the "fuck you, I've got mine" ideology at work.
@27: Yep, the Buckley brand of Republican used to suppress the Bircher scum, you could at least talk to them unlike hearing Mehlman gibber on about immigrants.
@8, A+ trolling. Where do you guys learn this stuff?
Then there's Sanders, who was supportive of gay rights well before anyone else running.
@30: It's just so stupid... "I bet you LIEBERALS think immigrants are okay and don't think that billionaires deserve nonstop tax breaks and giveaways to the military!"

Uh, yeah. Sick burn, man.
Well, the GOP has indeed changed. Now they're the party of snake-handlers and gun nuts, in addition to Big Oil and Banks.
I would also love to know if DS has spoken with Jimmy LaSalvia since he left the GOP and published the book. I read it a few weeks ago -- not at all impressed with his writing style, but was fascinated by the peek into his (and gay Republicans') rationale for their political positions. At least he seems to be healing from what must have been concussion-level cognitive dissonance. It's hard to believe how much rudeness and contempt the GOProud folks endured and still kept trying. Craziness.
As anyone who has ever attended a College Republican event could tell you it is the most desperate closet-case-a-polooza you will ever see, (Aside from CPAC which tends to send grindr and craigslist into meltdown.) Dan's piece on what motivates Gay Republicans could not be more accurate. There is a clear self-hatred and a definite anger at / envy of LGBT Americans who live happy, out, productive lives without wallowing in the same cesspool of self inficted misery. It is a shame really America needs two parties the fact that the GOP (and yes, I once was a card carrying member of the Republican Party, I was also deep deep in the closet but I digress...) has so completely lost its mind and sold its soul to the American Taliban means our national debate is no longer a valid argument between left and right, but rather a contrast of Sane vs Crazy.
As the self proclaimed "Gayest Republican in Texas" :-), I would like to kindly disagree. We have made progress. Just one of many examples. At the SR Convention in 2014 I lead an effort to remove the vicious anti gay language from the party platform and exposed the "Reparitive Therapy" plank that was snuck into the platform by the Eagle Forum(google it). The vicious language was removed after my motion by a 2-1 vote. The Reparitive Therapy uproar which I triggered created a deluge of calls to the state party office from REPUBLICANS. This for the first time in state party history forced the state chair a week later to publicly walk back support for the platform plank..... Since that time I have been appointed by the Dallas County Republican Chair as the 2016 Victory Chair to coordinate grassroots and candidate efforts county wide. Further, I intend to run as a delegate to the Republican National Convention as the first openly gay delegate from the Texas delegation. I could list numerous other solid incidents of progress. Understand, I am no fool and can probably out do your stories of anti gay bigotry by SOME within the party. But the shift, while not 50% +1, is very real within the party. I would love to have a civil conversation with you and your readers but simply ask that the foul language be restrained (haha... that request will likely trigger a torrent of profanity). Let's not forget, my friends in the Democrat party, with a few exceptions, only a few years ago held the same position on gay marriage as Republicans. President Obama as recently as the 2012 election. Best wishes.
@37: Are you new here?

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