Just confirms what many of us have known all along: he's a tool, alright.

Also explains the constant shooting himself in the foot...
The fear that those killings engender is the rationale that justifies owning guns. There will be no massacre terrible enough to make them unafraid. Fear defines Conservatism.
Please don't clap with that thing in your hands.
Micro-penis syndrome is not something to make fun of Dan. At least from what I've heard.
I'd have kept the same inscription but changed it to a dildo.
So this is basically a ransom note for America?
That gun has his name on it.
@8 Maybe the bullets do too :P
Received some campaign advice to dumb down/macho up to get that duck dynasty demographic vote.
@2 Oh, that's good.
I've met Australian tourists who confided that they were wary about touring the US because of our insane lack of sensible gun regulation

Thanks, Jeb for scaring away more tourist dollars.

It's not like we need the money to patch up our kids who get shot.
It's worth clicking through and reading the replies; they're hilarious.
Raw Story reports that the gun was manufactured by a company that armed Nazi officers. Weren't these people who tried to kill his dad?
@13, I think I'd rather go to argentina than america, judging purely from the pics
Jeb and his Phallic symbol. Pathetic.
@15: Given what they apparently use for violence there, I dunno. At least a gun is quick.
@14: No. The Bush family fortune comes from running guns to the Nazis; those are the people who pay for his empty suit.
@2 Top kek.
Amazing how this has spawned all sorts of projections and silly extrapolations. Does Bernie have gun or rifle somewhere? Does Hillary pack heat?
Nothing like telling the world that you have a small penis. The campaign has sunk to a new low. What will the comedians do with this?
@12: Not just Australia. A joke I once heard in Canada: How do you know which side of the border you're on when you visit Niagara Falls? If your money is leaving your wallet faster than expected because of high prices, you're on the Canadian side. If your money is leaving your wallet faster than expected because someone is pointing a gun at you, you're on the American side.
@20, do you really not see the difference between owning a gun, and owning a gun that you got your name AND TITLE engraved on, and tweeting a photo of said gun?
The United States of Ammomerica.
@23: I grant you that tweeting about it, or anything else, is disgusting. Twitter is why Rome fell.
Bernie has said he does not own a gun. Don't know about Clinton but I'd guess not. Don't really see either of them posting pictures of a gun online, much less getting their name engraved on it.

@2: Thread winner.
Oh poor little raindrop, sweet little raindrop.

Your Party has moved so far away from you sweet little raindrop yet still you can't see it

Poor little raindrop

Lost little raindrop
@27: I have a hot stock tip for you. SWHC is down to $23.16. Fill out your portfolio before Hillary wins!
Sorry to hear about your penis Jeb,
realistically, this was probably a gift from some dickbag RKBA organization while he was Gov of FL.

the guns are never going away, the killings are never going to stop. because, as Jeb! noted, America. firearms are now a cornerstone of Conservative ideology - 2nd on the list of things they are persecuted for, after Christianity.
Suicide is not the answer, Jeb!
As future shooting victim John Lennon put it in 1968:…
@ 33 - But that was a reference to heroin - which maybe Jeb and all the other Republican candidates should try so they could be a bit more mellow.
@ 34 - John got the name of the song from a hunting magazine that was kicking around the studio...and he wrote it in a year of assassinations, the violent suppression of protest from Chicago to Prague and some of the bloodiest fighting in Vietnam.

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