You're such a racist Charles.
That's a pretty cool link (statisticalatlas) but I noticed the boundaries it shows for Beacon Hill are quite a bit different than Google Maps / Zillow. Beacon Hill is so much larger than the other Seattle neighborhoods it somewhat limits it's usefulness as an identifier.

The ancestry tab is pretty interesting. 42% of the self-reported Asian population identify as Chinese. Vietnamese (22%) and Filipino (18%) are 2nd and 3rd most common while Japanese is a distant 4th (6%.) I would have thought that number higher but perhaps helps to explain the relative lack of sushi options as compared to other neighborhoods. The Age Cohorts by Block Group is neat as well.
are you going to the DRB meeting, Charles? you should - it's just EDG, so there won't be any quirky on view.

45 units/15 parking spaces!
If we're talking ugly let's talk about Capitol Hill LR station. An ugly building that is set in a asphalt pit. Who thought this was cutting edge design?
@5: Hewitt is the Architectural Firm.…

"The entrances will act as bookends to the developable sites and serve a framework for future transit-oriented development."

IDK about "cutting edge", but the DRB & ST approved it. did you go to the public meetings or provide written comments?
"The kind of architects who love vertical gardens, love quirky designs: both offer middle-class white Americans a way of doing something without really doing or changing anything."

you're killing it with this garbage, charles. this obsession with the library has been even more entertaining than the gum wall ranting.
I would use stairs to get into and out of that station if we had the choice.
"Beacon Hill" is not a neighborhood. It is a geographical feature that runs from Dearborn Street to the Boeing Access Road. What Charles is probably thinking of is North Beacon Hill (Dearborn to Columbian Way), which is where the library, the light rail station, and the proposed apartment building are located. It is becoming increasingly white, for better or for worse, and increasingly yuppy (the venerable old Beacon Tavern has become an overpriced pizza place, and the former bowling alley is due to be redeveloped.) The area north of Chez Vel-DuRay has been rezoned, with many modest single-family homes having been bulldozed and replaced with multiple town homes that are going for 600k.

As for the Elevators at the BH station, I've never had a problem with them. The station itself is something like 17 stories underground, so any thought of using stairs is unrealistic. And the entire link light rail has the "poorly conceived" route so that the truly (for now) majority minority neighborhoods of SE Seattle would have rapid transit - not to rush downtowners to and from Sea-Tac.

I know Our Dear Charles is The Stranger's resident curmudgeon, but I think it's important that people understand the real world, not the world he ambles around in.
The Beacon Hill Station is a tragedy.
So much land for a station.
This sentence is so fucking annoying, can you make it unexist? It is bothering me.

"(The kind of architects who love vertical gardens, love quirky designs: both offer middle-class white Americans a way of doing something without really doing or changing anything.) "
Seems like a perfectly-fine sentence which misunderstands the purpose of buildings and is framed in a classically pretentious way. No?
caution&daring dear, as the kids these days say, "uh.....what?"

The Beacon Hill station probably has the smallest surface footprint of any of the Link station (downunder is a different matter)
Mudede – We now know your 'job' (err... "assigned activity for groveling pay") is to spark racial animus, but your comment about vertical gardens as being a vestige of white design rings a spectacularly hollow tone.

The only reason young "whites" create "gentrified' communities, is because young "blacks" are pretty predicable in their occasion to totally fuck-up a neighborhood for other hard-working African Americans.

They best way to put the brakes on gentrification is for people to stop shitting in their own beds.

Sure bro. Young educated black people 'fuck up' neighborhoods. I mean, Seattle has one of the highest %'s of black populations with college degrees per capita, but THEY fuck up neighborhoods.

THEY move into the traditionally minority parts of town and complain/call the (well knowingly violent/aggressive towards blacks) police when they so much as see a black person walking down their street *nevermind he/shes lived there longer than your hipster ass has*.

THEY drive drunk home from the skuzzy skank bars angry after failing to pick up a girl whos almost too drunk to make her own decisions.

THEY shit on the local customs and make the nieghborhood into a cookie cutter of every other generic gentrified Seattle Starbuckarium from Ballard to West Seattle.

Gentrification is aggression towards poorer people, but because those who hold power in the city (cops, city council) are mostly white, it takes the form of aggression towards black people. North Portland has seen the same (which, FYI, only ever existed as a neighborhood because black people were not allowed to live in, or charged astronomically higher rates for, housing elsewhere).

The Olympia/Tacoma/Seattle/Everett/Bremerton corridor is one of those many many places where middle class black families earning 100k or more have no choice but to live in neighborhoods where average income is below 20k, or in 'white' neighborhoods where the average income is around 30k. And the Puget Sound region is not alone in the country.…

But please, dont blame racism and violence towards blacks. Its black peoples own fault. Especially the successful and/or educated ones, that still dont end up getting the same treatment as lesser successful or educated whites. Its their fault. Next time be born white.

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