Which Is the Worst R.E.M. Song?


I voted for 'Everybody Hurts', but the true answer is 'Shiny Happy People'.
Ahhh! I must have blocked it out of my memory. Option added posthaste.
I try to block it out of my memory, but that suppressed music memory part of my brain is full. I think 2/3rds of it is allotted to the Spin Doctors.
hey now, REM was pretty great in their IRS years. and even those first few albums on Warner Bros were pretty decent if you overlooked the singles.

i voted for "Shiny Happy People", but would've gone with "Radio Song", given the option.
Oh great, now I have "Stand" stuck in my head. Help!
Shiny Happy People sounds like it was written for retarded people by retarded people. Ooops...did I say retarded? Yes! I guess I did! For shame! I'm so bad! Teehee.
Orange Crush. But the real answer is feggoff, R.E.M. are amazing.
No, really, Losing My Religion is THE WORST EVER, at least up to that point. That's when I stopped listening to REM. Stand, on the other hand, (haha), is absolutely PERFECT for replacing ANY song that's stuck in your head. And there are much, much worse songs that need replacing -- even if you have to use Stand to do it. It works!! I've used this trick for years.
Losing My Religion was important in bringing the concept of the mandolin to everyone in the early 90s.
All of them! Every damn song they ever recorded.
pointy@9: yes, and reminding them all why they'd never missed it.
I just finished listening to Reckoning this morning. Weird. Cosby for the win" Shiny Happy People" is terrible.
Grant, you forgot 'Radio Song". Easily the worst REM song.
@8 - If you ever tire of Stand, try Feliz Navidad.

It's in your head now isnt it!
WHAT WHAAAT? Shiny Happy People is the BEST R.E.M. song!!! Kate Pierson, people!!!!
10 Even "It's the End of the World"? I'd have thought even the biggest R.E.M. haters would like that one.
You people are harsh.
You mean "Which is the worst R.E.M. *hit* song", because there is far worse dreck on Up, Reveal, Around the Sun. Really, whenever I need to describe anything that is good but not great because it lacks a key ingredient, all I have to say is "It's like R.E.M. without Bill Berry."
"Stand" gets a pass because it was used in the credits for "Get A Life" thereby making it awesome.
Although... the "Shiny Happy People" video is priceless, because the disgusted scowl on Peter Buck's stubbled face is one of the greatest things ever recorded.
@20: Yay, you must have been the other person who watched that show along with myself.

The weakness in "Everybody Hurts" is being overused like versions of "Hallelujah" by L. Cohen for mopey TV scenes.
Obviously this is a "worst R.E.M. songs I hear on the radio" poll, as the worst song is actually Airportman, the first song on Up, which sounds like someone dropping empty coke bottles throughout a classic Star Trek episode.
God, I hate Stand. Thanks a crap-ton for reminding me about it.
@20 + 22:
I only think of "Get A Life" when I hear 'Stand', thankfully.
@16, that's the only one I hate. Dreadful stuff. I always conflate it in my mind with Timbuk 3's "The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)", from the same time, which is even worse.

"Shiny Happy People" is a great song. "Losing My Religion" is OK too.
@14, yep, it's there now. Thanka and gracias.
REM bashers are pretty funny. They're only one of the top two or three most important bands in the history of alternative rock...but whatever.

Also, Shiny Happy People is meant to be IRONIC. You know what irony is, right Mr. Hipster Hipsterman?
REM is a kick ass band. Everybody Hurts is not ironic, not catchy, not particularly touching, and not particularly inventive. Maximum suck.
@26 You mean "better", right? Not "worse". Better.
Also to agree with @28: R.E.M. pre-Bill Berry=awesomesauce. R.E.M. post-Bill Berry=not as good, but still good and better than 95% of what has been put out during their tenure. The best critique came from Sound Opinion's latest review, which basically said "Michael Stipe has run out of things to sing about".
All of the above.
Everybody Hurts: My first mental health job some quack AODA counselor had the adolescents write down their "deep pains", then made them sit in silence while she played that horrible song, then she lit their papers on fire....I hid behind a folder trying not to laugh at the cheeseball absurdity and nearly peed my pants
I don't give a shit how "important" they are. I can't think of a single REM song I like. "Stand" is pretty awful but for the life of me I can't remember what it sounds like right now because I have the chorus from "Shiny Happy People" on a constant loop in my head. Even Michael Stipe hates that song.
"It's the End of the World" is a good tune, but I can't get past Michael Stipe calling The Beatles "elevator music" - as Ringo rejoined "if it wasn't for The Beatles, Michael would still be taking the stairs"
Go fuck yourself. Best American band of the 1980s. They've been pretty spotty since New Adventures in Hi-Fi (their last masterpiece), but what 30-year-old band isn't?

But the answer is most definitely "Radio Song."
@ 28. Its meant to be ironic? How astute of you.
REM was my antidote to the early 80's glam/headbanger/poop-pop shit, but I stopped listening to their new stuff after #5 Document. They DID rock in the early years, and I still find the line "I'd like it here if I could leave and see it from a long ways away" to be a great descriptor of how memory works.

I'd also like to change my vote from Shiny... to Everybody Hurts (UGH)
I don't care, I love REM. But Drive is ass.
Night Swimming.
"They've been pretty spotty since New Adventures in Hi-Fi (their last masterpiece), but what 30-year-old band isn't?"

Killing Joke.
I had to vote for "Stand," for sentimental reasons.

In one of those lame Greek-Week competitions, the fraternities had to have a musical competition. Because, you know, rushing a fraternity or sorority obviously meant musical talent was present. It was always very amusing.

One year in the early 1990's, one fraternity got up and for one minute, repeated "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves" to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Then they played "Stand."

Though, yes, it should be "Shiny Happy People"
Not only is "Radio Song" the worst R.E.M. song by leaps and bounds, it's a contender for worst song of its decade. And that decade included Deadeye Dick's "New Age Girl", in case you forgot.
"radio song" and "ignoreland" are tied for worst, but since they weren't on the list i went with "stand."
@43: Reminding people of Deadeye Dick is just abusive. Goddamnit.
I enjoy all of those songs, even Shiny Happy People. I remember calling KUBE to request it when Out of Time was first out. I love Up, but I'll subscribe to the Better With Berry way of thinking. Green loses me in the last three songs or so.
Does anyone else get the sense from this post that Grant might not even know any REM prior to "Out of Time" except for that "first record" whose name he can't even remember?

Too busy listening to that musical genius Rick Springfield, maybe.
"Stand" got my vote - if it's not the worst song, it's DEFINITELY the worst video.
...see, I like all of those songs. I guess I like 'Shiny Happy People' least, but I don't hate it. Their real worst is probably some album track that would never stick in my mind.
Radio Song. Easy.

"When I went to the show/yo ho ho" is one of the worst couplets ever.
All of them!
@43: Jesus, Deadeye Dick? Thanks a fucking lot for reminding me about that.