Tony Bennett Packed the House


Tony Bennett's Bumbershoot performance in 1991 remains the best live show I've ever seen. It's good to know he's still packing the place.
Mr Bennett is the only singer I have queued for tickets to see! I did it twice!! Both pre1990. My dear mom and I devoted fans. I still am. Mr Bennett's voice is still rich and powerful! What a brilliant performer. Hope to see him again on day.
I was lucky enough to catch him at the Paramount earlier this year. What a band he has! It's not often I've been kept so artfully in the palm of a performer's hand. As he neared the end of his famous closer, an unmiked, a cappella "Fly Me to the Moon", the audience didn't dare breathe, and the vocalgasm sent tears streaming down my face.
I was right there on the floor in the second row near center. It was the most magical time. His voice has not changed. I don't know how he does it. He is amazing. He brought tears to my eyes and those of even grown men sitting nearby with that beautiful voice. I was blown away. That concert could have gone on and on and on and I woulda loved every second.

I love you Mr. Tony Bennett. Thanks for a wonderful time. It was the chance of a lifetime and a dream fulfilled. I'll never forget it. Hope to see you again soon.