Karaoke With John Brannon From Negative Approach


well i must be part of the 3%

also yes to more posts about old hardcore + marginal music

gimme danger

Funny story about John Brannon. Or maybe it is not interesting at all. But I am a huge Laughing Hyenas fan and kinda pseudo-stalked Larrisa Strickland (I say pseudo-stalked because it isn't like I drove to Michigan and stood outside her trailer waiting for her to kick her kids out into the yard so she could nod in peace, though, I bet that would have been cool and easy to accomplish). Really all I did was show up early and try to get her to let me watch her inject haaaaaron into her skinny veins.

But back to Brannon. I was sitting in a local wine bar trying to drown my considerable sorrows with some cheap red wine. I kept looking up and seeing this pasty guy staring bullets into me. He had the greasy hair and bag boy stare of Tom Dark. I just figured Tom had forgotten his bifocals which explained the squitiness and was listening to one of his colleagues regal him with the stock lists of the freezer section, which accounted for his frowns.

Turns out that it was John Brannon sitting on the other end of the bar drilling holes into me with those dead shark eyes of his. I stood up and blew him a kiss from down my way. He pounded the bar and jerked to his feet, his friend stopped his mad bull charge toward me. We were is a bougie posh Wine Cave, not some Detroit Romper Room.

Shortly, after this, John got pulled out of the bar through the fire exit door, I guess because to even pass by me would have proved too difficult. It was only a day or so later, that I found out that that guy who wanted to kick my ass was John Brannon. He was in town doing some recording or something with or for Knifedance.

Seems he thought I was a weed dealer that screwed him over in a bad deal. I guess I just got that kind of face.
yeah! maybe Hardcore Humpdays?
@3 - Hardcore Humpdays YES!
Also on board for Hardcore Humpday.