Rossi Participated in Illegal BIAW Campaign


Is there some sort of punishment for this?
So what happens now? It's great having a paper trail leading to Rossi's doorstep, but does Sam Reed have any leverage against him? Does McKenna?
Rules are for losers. Oh, wait...
Next we'll be hearing from some BIAW flack complaining that Governor Gregoire is soooo desperate, she personally sent the State Attorney General, the PDC, the WA Democratic Party, and a bunch of money-grubbing lawyers to pick on poor, innocent Dino Rossi. It'll be the political equivalent of when you catch your kid with porn and booze in his room, and he turns around and tries to blame you for not respecting his privacy.
Some interesting insight as to why this doesn't matter. This issue's already been resolved folks...
Karen, that's true, but it doesn't change the fact that Rossi has perjured himself and personally participated in illegal money bundling. He's a candidate for public office and he violated the law. That matters. The money may still be on the table (unfortunately), but at least this has the potential to knock some of the shine off of Rossi's carefully-crafted image.
This would make a good commercial.
Pales in comparison to the extortion and racketeering scandal with tribal casinos plaguing acting Governor Christine Gregoire.
Is it really violating the law when there are no penalties? Why shouldn't Rossi pull this kind of shit when he knows perfectly well he'll get away with it? "Oh, you naughty boy". This just makes the whole concept of campaign finance reform look stupid and pointless.
You mean like the farce that McCain is doing, Fnarf. Yeah, you're right. Darn.