Voicemail from Marcia McCraw


She's endearing. I still don't want her a heartbeat from the governor's mansion, though (nor do I really want Brad Owen, frankly).
What is the deal with Lt. Governorship here in WA? Why the hell don't they run as a ticket with the Gov candidates like a normal state?
For this one race, I'll be a one-issue voter and cast my vote for Marcia. Thanks, Dom!
@2. "In 24 states, the governor and lieutenant governor are elected on the same ticket, to ensure they both come from the same political party. In the remaining 18 states, they are elected separately and, thus, may come from different parties."--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lieutenant_governor
I thought about voting for her, but as appealing as her expressed political opinions are, her 71 year old boyfriend/"partner" (?), the guy who mostly funded her campaign under one of his many pseudonyms, is one creepy shyster in the Eyman mold, only more pathetic and weird.
The "neighbors" in the post above this one wholeheartedly thank The Stranger for endorsing a McCain-Rossi Republican based on a proclaimed propensity for pot, potato chips, and partying. Pertinent political positions, pundits!
I will never vote for a Republican...never!
I met her and spoke with her at length while at Burning Man this year. Probably for much longer than I'd hoped, but it was a truly interesting way to wind down an afternoon. For all of her talk of being a social moderate, she still was most certainly a Republican (not a converted libertarian or other such BS). She defended Reichert, Rossi, and McCain as all candiates who break from the traditional Republican mold ... though really couldn't say how other than they weren't Bush. She dodged questions about Dino's miserable road plan and how she could reconcile being Lt. under someone who is so counter to the social positions she keeps talking up. Her answers to both always seemed to point back to this imaginary "big tent" that she also mentioned in her voice mail. She may be able to reconcile her social issues with her party under her "big tent," but politically she's far closer to another GOP empty suit saying what needs to be said to get in office. I walked away rather than keep talking to her out of frustration. Brad Owen's a worthless dolt, but she's really just Rossi without the social baggage.
the economy of every city and county and the state is in collapse, and this shit is interesting? to whom? who the hell cares about this woman? a novelty Republican, like, who is voting and working for McCain and Rossi - geez I am so excited - so novel is this a ploy for her ad money next run? someone is boning her husband? news, news, news -- please
I met Brad Owen back when I was in Youth & Government. The guy is a total windbag. Marcia could light a fire under Gregoire, which I think is great for all of us. She has my vote.
I voted for her. She seems harmless (unlike Brad Owen) and we can get a shiny new democratic lt governor next time around.
Marcia McCraw seems like a weird one, which would make her a fine heir to Washington's tradition of crazy Lt. Governors. Don't get too comfortable, Gregoire.