Rurban Archipelago


if artistes live there, thorp ain't country.
are drinks being served at punch?
country ; surely hard to define ; nostalgia is ok "IF a picture paints 1000 words. Y can't I paint la la."

hattip to midwest highland:
Fight 4 the old cunt, Phite for the old cunt, Feit fore the old country

What if they're not artistes, but artists?

Busch beer is free. (They don't have a liquor license, so they can't sell it but they can give a can to you.)
About half the members of Punch do not live in Thorp, which, regardless of what Max thinks, is, indeed country.

At least 5 live in Seattle, which is probably not country, especially since Mudede lives there, and he HATES country.

I am a member of Punch, and I live in Edison, which, again, sorry, Max, is country.
Come on up and I can show you where to step in cowshit....
I like to think of this whole phenomenon of which you speak as being driven by the country mice and the city mice being united by their hatred of the evil, fake-ass suburbs.