Interlace in Dubai


berger, Lilac and Flag
Arabian bullshit is always fresh.
Charles, you are on a roll. Great post.

I like to think that the game changer is that skyscrapers are getting so tall that some humans will just never get down to ground level, and just live their whole lives at altitude.

Which is nice from a carbon-footprint standpoint.
Um, Sven, I think once they get the high-speed elevators running, people will come down. Building height has always been determined by elevator technology.

But doesn't this just look like Will in Seattle's idea of paradise?
Chuck, If 2,684 ft, in your understanding, approaches infinity, that explains a lot.
Fnarf, you're probably right. But at the point where the bar, gym, school, and work are all in the same building, there are some people who will just never leave. I mean, Forks is overrated, Yellowstone is crowded most of the time, and you could get killed climbing Mt. Rainier. Kind of Blade Runner meets Fifth Element, minus the aircars. But I could be wrong.

But yes, this does look like Will's spoogetacular wonderland.
Charles...the behavior of one man does not a trend make.
Babu is a tool of capitalist excess.
Given the way the leaders in Dubai treat their labor-force, particularly foreigners, it's really not surprising this guy would prefer to remain in the elevated, isolated, uncrowded, and presumably far-less-than-squalid conditions his fellow construction workers have to face at the end of their work-shifts.
interlace [falling star] was pretty awesome.
It does kind of look like the beginning of a Blde Runner city, before all the sunny days disappear.
I've said this before, but I can't help but envision what a spectacularly sci-fi ghetto Dubai is going to be in the future.
Wait until they have space elevators. Along comes a big storm and rips loose the space station and the elevator cord comes flaming down to earth and whips across the face of the globe ripping these towers to shreds. Then we'll learn. Or not.
spacelevator chords are engineered to break free from a near-ground position, and "recoil" upwards. it is a common fear that falling spacelevator cables would cause widespread damage, when, in fact there are less deaths each year from such incidents than from automobile accidents.
Charles, you should read Ted Chiang's story 'Tower of Babylon.' If you dig sci-fi and ludicrous construction projects, that story's for you. Actually, all of his stories are amazingly good.
infrequent@14: broken spacelevator chord deaths are down this year? Awesome!
well, technically, i only represented that there are fewer deaths from spacelevator chord mishaps than from automobile accidents each year. whether there are actually fewer this year than years previous is difficult to say....