Cute Things Falling Asleep Is a Real Website; Cute Things Falling Asleep Saved a Shitty Morning


I hear ya...I can understand why suburban Metro routes are fucked up; the 'burbs got some snow last night. But why the fuck are IN-CITY routes so fucked up? Do the majority of Metro drivers live in the sticks and they can't make it in to work? And is the #8 the first route they slash service on if they are short-handed?
I love at :18 the bear wakes up all, OH OH, IM HERE....
Oh the #8 is cut today? Goddamnit!
Can any of expect an accurate forcast of snow in Seattle from the same people who bring you "KIRO 7 investigates! What is in your patry that could kill your family?!? Our special report Monday night at 11!!!!" And they advertise that Friday morning at 6 am......

Oh, and the other investigations about how your date tonight is really an axe murdering rapist who is wanted for shoplifting in Omak....

I had to stand up next to the bus driver this morning- the driver had even turned off the number by my stop and put up the "Terminal" sign instead, to prevent people getting on, since it was so damn packed. (Fortunately, he knows me and knows that I ride the damn thing through downtown to West Seattle, so he let me on.) It's insane. Stupid bus system.
Fun fact: Metro routes have been screwed up this week because every one of the drivers are being told to pull their buses off their routes and chain up at the slightest prediction of a flake of snow or crumb of ice, and then are getting orders to pull over and take all the chains back off again when it becomes clear that there's no reason to have the chains on there.
that bear was actually weak and faint... he was found orphaned and malnourished :( I read the story a few months ago

but i think he lived :)
Cute web page but #7 just wiped the smile off my face. Thanks a lot!
I still think ZooBorns is cuter. And when there's a tiny bit of snow, everyone who scorns Metro the other 360 days of the year crowds onto the bus and can't understand why the bus driver is yelling at them to keep moving back. Newsflash, asshat: you aren't a special snowflake on the bus. Now go stand in the back so the other extra 40 people on my route can fit in as well.
sorry :/ but he was rescued and lived! smile again!
Cute Things Falling Asleep is the brainchild of Nick Malis, a TV writer in LA who also writes for Defamer. He's pretty cute, too!
From the 30 minutes I spent waiting for the 8, it apppeared that they just skipped a route entirely, and then sent a short bus to pick up two routes worth of people. Thankfully, I walked up a stop from where I normally catch it (mostly with an eye on getting a better seat; I thought there'd be seats, ha!), because it was so full the busdriver passed my normal stop, and the 15 people standing there, without stopping. Still, I could have walked to Queen Anne faster. It wasn't even icy.

Not that anyone cares about my boring bus story. But cute animals falling asleep can't distract me from how lame this morning was.

Does saying "lame" when you mean sucky offend injured/disabled people the way saying "retarded" offends people? Just curious.
Sleepy Puppy 10 is the CUTEST freakin' thing. He gets all wobbely and falls over. *awe*

Speaking of the "not-even-an-inch of snow"... my house in White Center was blanketed with like 4 or 5 inches of snow. The streets were nothing but a SHEET of ice. There's still ice on my street.
No, Aislinn, the term lame doesn't offend this disabled person - but neither does the term 'cripple' [it's my nickame!].

And where some see a cute little bear with a squooshed-in nose, others see a furure bear-skin rug.
It's been snowing all morning in Olympia, and I can't get out of my driveway. SNOW DAY! The reason people here can't drive in an inch of snow (we have 5 inches already) is because of the hills. It's not the snow, people, it's the hills.

I have been in a wheelchair for about a year and a half and if anybody called me lame I wouldn't assume they were referring to my chair.

I grew up using the words "lame," "retarded" and "queer" in the way kids do before they know the true meanings of those words. I still say "lame" when I mean something "sucks ass," and I still say "retarded" when someone is acting "lame", the only word I have stopped saying is "queer" because I am not completely retarded.
@16: I think that's the best explanation of "controversial" word use I've heard.
This is what I think of your cute animal posts, Megan:
It seems like the only people who get how hurtful the word retarded or retard is are the family members. That to me is sad and shouldn't be. I always felt that people who still use those words knowing how hurtful they are really are bullies in disguise. What's the difference between a tone-deaf George W. Bush and yourself? He knows better but chooses to ignore the hurt and so do people who use the word retarded as slang.
Yay, really cute site, just like