Reactions to Republican LaHood as Transportation Head


Well that sucks.
The current bush transportation department is filled with Privitization advocates. This is a change from that and also helps balance the perception of the democratic party. by having a republican push for socialized infrastructure it is one less thing that can be called a liberal agenda.
So much change. Wow! I am so impressed with the massive change we will see come January 20th!! Change everywhere we look change change change!!

Where in the HELL is that planet killing asteroid to get it all over with? Maybe we can get Sol to go Nova on us?
Very interesting. LaHood used to be my rep when I lived in Illinois, and he is slick and well-connected. Most notable is his allegiance to Peoria's largest (? not so sure anymore if it is) employer, Caterpillar.

Obama might have also made this pick to further remove himself from the Illinois-Democrat-Blagojevich scandal by saying, "Look, I picked a downstate Republican for my cabinet."

Oh, well. It's not as if he picked a homophobic pastor to give the invocation at the inaugural or something. :)
Thanks for this post; it is a great summary!
While Obama's pick or Secretary of Transportation is important, it's more important to make sure that there is money for trains and transit infrastructure. A truly national rail system is needed and affordable -- see
Let's hope President Obama keeps him on a short leash, and uses him as chaff to deflect the laser blasts from the few remaining neocons.

He's there to deflect, in my opinion. Not for the long run.
Highway, bridge, and rail infrastructure improvements and repair are not only a high priority because of years of neglect but are also seen as a way to improve the economy by creating jobs. Making the position of secretary bipartisan is a savvy move. There will have to be a lot of negotiation for anything to move forward. Nothing smells of pork so much as road and bridge building.
Seconding PedestrianMe @5. Very informative post.

As a transit supporter, my heart sank a bit when I learned of the LaHood choice. Actually, I hadn't heard of the guy until this. But I'll reserve judgment.
you guys are going to be plenty buttsore by the time Obama finishes naming his cabinet.
I'm starting to feel sorry for liberals.
Bwa haw haw haw! You dumbass naive Seattle "progressive liberals" got duped again! Bwa haw haw! Really nothing is more entertaining than the myriad ways a Seattle "progressive liberal" tries to deny reality. Gawd you types are SO NAIVE! Keep it up! Your dumb-ass denial just makes me harder!
I like how this post was taken directly from the Seattle Transit Blog:…