Snow Screws Seattle Stores


Ditto that for Pacific Science Center. Snowpocalypse is the right word for it, alright.

Yeah, it's right in the middle of camp season. I heard about the layoffs. Bad new bears!

Bad news bears.
Expect some big retailers to close shop in Seattle. I can't imagine that our Tiffany's will stay open or some of the other high end retailers. They may not go under nationwide but they will shut down locations starting in January.

HUGE plunge in the market in January and February of next year as they do go under.
Dear Retailers,

It might fucking help if you thoroughly shoveled the sidewalks in front of your stores, (and I'm giving Westlake Mall a big fisheye right now...).

Not Much Love,

In addition to no one being able to go anywhere to shop, a lot of stores have had to close early or all together due to staff not being able to get in or get home safely.
If there was ever a time to spend your money locally, it's now.
Before everyone starts blaming "Snowpocalypse 2008" for everything from the retail meltdown to the birth of two-headed calves, or whatever, it goes without saying that the retail sector was going to have a pretty shitty fourth-quarter regardless.

Admittedly, a few days of snow right before Christmas certainly doesn't help an already dire situation, and regrettably, it might in fact tip the balance for a handful of the most precariously situated retailers. But it's also been pretty clear for some time now that consumers were going to hold onto most of their discretionary income in this time of economic turmoil, and that some retailers were going down the tubes no matter what.
It's so bad, the Stranger's publisher is Slogging. What's next, Jeff Bezos manning the Amazon tech support line?
Amazon support line?!?!?!?


It's like Oz, or Narnia, or SantaLand...

@7--That's true, and I think area retailers were prepared for that. It's just the combination of people not being able to get to stores and stores not being able to stay open for all those who can get out that's leaving everyone feeling way more fucked than expected.
@9 sure it does. 1-800-201-7575