It's Almost Over


Yes tomasyalba, those 8 years were indeed horribly long.
Instead of being happy that these 8 years are over, now I'm just depressed. Where's Megan Seling to post some cute animals when you need her?
"Our long national nightmare...", etc.
I turned off SNL because it started with a Dick Cheney skit. When are you fools ever gonna give it up?

You're the Majority now, are you going to be sitting around making Donald Rumsfeld jokes in 2011 instead of legislating...?
I m so sick of this nursing home's interenet security. I feel left out on posts like this because I have no idea what is on the screen or what the post is about. The security will not allow streaming video of any kind, flash, Apple updates, firefox add-ons, Facebook, myspace, downloading MP3s or podcasts, and I couldn't look up an article on the Wiki about Barack Obama because the security said it contained offensive material.
Hmmmm... I hate GWB. This wasn't great and wasn't clever and yes, it was way too l-o-n-g.

Why is saying FUCK over and over supposed to be powerful?

I hate to agree with @6.......
This is like the liberal version of the kind of fanatical atheism that makes me cringe to say I'm an atheist.
We all fucking get it, Bush sucked! Shit people time to move on. God knows Obama isn't going to prosecute the asshole so let's!

I kinda have to go with #6 too. And this could be the death of many many comedians in the next few months.
Good riddance you worthless piece of criminal trash. Tomorrow can't come soon enough!
While I agree that this was way too long, with a massive re-edit to tighten it, it would have worked. Their heart was in the right place. They just shouldn't have gone with their 1st draft.

And I disagree with those of you that would just assume put your hands in your pockets, give a shrug, stare aimlessly at the dust on the floor and mumble about forgetting the past , moving on, letting it go. This is exactly the time to give the fucker the send off he deserves. It is called catharsis and the majority of the people in this country if not the world deserve it. So, get it all out today - then move on and celebrate tomorrow.
I do agree that this was too long, and not as clever as they thought it was. But, still depressing.
not shocked that Dan thinks this is brilliant. He thought Mike Jone's book was wonderful, though it was written at the 7th grade level.
I'd completely forgot about Terry Schiavo - jeezis, what an attention whore! Glad she's gone.
I watched expecting more Ann Coulter,
what a babe!
(you gay boys take my word for it)
very disappointed...
I liked it, thought it was well done, didn't think it was too long (My God People, the song is less than 5 minutes long! What has happened to attention spans these days??), LOL'd several times, as did the three people I showed it to..... and I'm gonna re-post it in a couple of places, too.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough. We Are Almost FREE!!!! of this idiot!

...and the link no longer works. Have another way to see it, folks?
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

It's been a bad 8 years.
They're right. The Bush's little dog is a mean sonuvabitch.
"Brilliant" might be a little strong.
"Pathetic" might be obscenely generous.
Our President is a fucker! I won't be saying that for awhile, might as well get it out of the way now. I'm in DC to see Barack, but I'm going to enjoy seeing Marine 1 fly that fucker (GWB) out soon after the swearing in ceremony. Fuck you, George W. Bush.