No Pardon for Scooter?


Didn't he pardon some pieces of shit border patrol?
My dad suggested yesterday that he thought Obama was being mum about possible prosecutions because he didn't want to tip off Bush and give him a list of who to pardon now. I figured the silence was more to try and curb the paper-shredding party going on at the VP's offices.
Yes, for shooting a Mexican drug dealer. WAR ON DRUGS! WAR ON DRUGS! We win!
People act like this is the first time a President has gone around pardoning douche bags at the end of their term. This just isn't true. They've all done it. Obama will do it at the end of his term. I'm not defending bush or any part of his administration. But everyone in this town talks about him like he was the first bad President, and he will be the last. These same things have been going on for almost as long as we've been electing Presidents. How many times will Americans be burned by the same lies?
..."How many times will Americans be burned by the same lies?"

I don't know. With the Bush Administration I have lost count. Maybe his legacy will be a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most lies told by one person in an 8 year span.
It ain't midnight yet.
Noon. He has till Obama is actually sworn in. Hell, he has custody of the nuke codes right up till the moment he actually leaves the White House to go over to the Capitol.
Didn't you hear? He pardoned Scooter Libby in a turkey suit back in November:…
Bush has right up until noon eastern time to do any more pardons. He has less than 6 hours, but for those of you who said I was wrong about Libby probably not getting a pardon: IN YOU FACE!!!!