But Does Yellow Really Want to Be Mellow?


Im glad he said it, cos the Chinamen really freeek me the fuck out.
That shit was hilarious. More rhyming sermons from old dudes!
And the green man can overcome the mean man, when the gray man won’t have to say ‘Hey, man!’, when the blue man can be a new man, when the orange man can … oh crap.
I don't remember a thing that Rick Warren said, but Joseph Lowery's words I will remember for a long time.
Yes, calling Asians yellow. THat is memorable.

I guess I can go back to calling blacks 'negroes' then.
@5: You kind of just did.
The wisdom of age. The word "Old" in America is used as a pejorative by so many people. Here we have an example of an Old man that has wisdom, knowledge and strength of character.

"Help us to make choices on the side of Inclusion no exclusion, tolerance not intolerance" Wow now if only many more will embody those words of wisdom and act upon them.
"And let the brown not be flushed down...." was all I could think of
So that bit was from a song from the 1950;s, right? Big Bill Broonzy "Black, Brown And White"

I see that some righties and whities (Limbaugh, Malkin etc) are already getting pissed about the last line in the quote...but he was more quoting history, than accusing whites of currently showing prejudice, right?

I'm getting the feeling that those of us who weren't around then might not get the significance of the quote. anyone with any experience with this song please chime in. i'm too young/ignorant to know about it.
this yellow here is pretty happy to be mellow
Get Johny Horn Johny Horn on the horn. Stat.
One word, kids. Double-dutch. Look it up.
we needed SOMETHING entertaining to rouse us after the world's worst poetry reading.
I would have to agree with a friend who said, "Yellow is my fellow" would've been a much better line.
The most telling part of this clip is at :55, when Michelle Obama looks bored, and isn't bowed in prayer.

She's amply demonstrated her contempt for America. Now she has shown the same contempt for God.

She is the scariest First "Lady" since Hillary Clinton. She could have learned a lot from a real lady, Laura Bush.
This speech was my very favorite of all of the performers and poets to speak at the inauguration.

Also, Dude the Chinamen are not the issue.
@Lord Basil

Classy as always, douche.
Hey Ballard Man, unless you're 80 years old you probably should have never called black people Negroes ever, less you did it derisively, which would make you a douche.

Just sayin'.
Hey 17! Agreed: Lord Basil = Douche. The dear woman had been sitting, freezing cold, right up in the shop window (with a convincingly adoring expression on her face) for hours - let the poor thing rest her smile for a moment without accusing her of witchcraft, or whatever's giving you a boner at the moment, will ya, ya idiot.
I worked for Chinese people and they were so uptight I quit the job. I am glad some one spoke up about this publicly. Apparently I am not the only one who thought this.
Although I have known Japanese, Koreans, Thailand, Filipinos, the most uptight of the group are Chinese, particularly people from Taiwan. I remember the saying from years ago. "Take the slow boat back to China" Now I know where that saying comes from.