Kind of Awesome


If only I had the free time at my job to devote to memorizing a funny two minute routine.
I have so much more respect for the anchors. Seriously. They're are human.
They're playing to the camera, just like intelligent animals in the wild.
WGN is awesome.
that's adorable.

i always kinda imagined that news anchors all despise their co-anchors, and that the space between segments is filled with hostility.

now i will picture all newscasters engaging in things like this, and i will smile.

thanks for posting!
That was surprisingly awesome. And not at all what I was expecting.

The secret lives of newscasters...who knew?
WGN, you had me at Hardrock, but now I need to marry you.
I avoid watching most "viral" videos until SLOG posts them. That way I can feel like the stranger might have a chance of being on the cutting edge and not on the verge of collapse that it actually is.

The editorial folks on staff should institute some sort of rule that no SLogggers are allowed to post anything that has previously been on BoingBoing, MEtaFilter or Buzzfeed.

unless you can add something of value, please, for the love of journalism, stop posting this crap.

oh, and RE: this video: It's OBVIOUS SHENANIGANS
@9: why should they cater to you? I don't read any of those blogs.

And shenanigans or not, this is awesome.
Ha. My brother is their producer; supposedly this has been going on for years and they've been adding a new move bit by bit. It started at about 15 seconds of hand-jive and evolved into this.
@9 I think I speak for the 95% of Slog readers that don't carve large amounts of time out of their schedule to 'find' the next cool video that will impress their friends with their (the Slog reader's) internet skills when I say:

shut the fuck up. please.
That's kind of the cutest thing I've ever seen.
I've meet a few television news anchors, and they are all pretty hilarious. I guess you have to have a sense of humor to be able to transition seamlessly from "...the death toll continues to rise" right to "Jeff, what is up with this weather?".
I thought it was heartwarming. I feel like a bit of a heel to mention the B/W thing but I'm old enough that still has an impact.
@9, clearly you do not understand how blogs work. Did you think that BoingBoing, MetaFilter or Buzzfeed originate all this material?
Adorable. I'd like to see Jean try some of that shit. I guess only if it were good for you and good enough for Health Link.
All I can think about is the entire production crew standing around watching this night after night and thinking "Sure. The anchors are obviously worth 10x my shitty salary." Murray "Slaughter" is right!
@16 I know about blogs. I just expect more from newspapers, even when they use use a blog as a platform for content.
19 - tissue?
Hahahaha, I love that. Come on guys, that takes dedication and a whole lot of time to get down.

Did anyone else notice that the person calling the count down is cute?

...ok, I am officially pathetic now.